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2017 MARCH-APRIL qqqqqqqq pppppppp qqqqqqqq contents pppppppp Features The IDAR Graph 29 UML comes up short in conveying the hierarchy of a design, making it difficult for humans to understand exactly how it’s put together. The IDAR graph is a clearer alternative for representing object-oriented designs, resulting in cleaner software with fewer bugs. BY MARK A. OVERTON The Calculus of Service Availability 49 Most software services and systems should aim for almost-perfect reliability. Google maintains an aggressive SLO of 99.99 percent availability (the “four nines”) on its products. Here’s how it happens. BY BEN TREYNOR MIKE DAHLIN VIVEK RAU BETSY BEYER qqqqqqq ppppppp Volume 15 Issue 2 Data Sketching 68 The vast scale of information today means making some compromises—for example, maintaining a summary, or sketch, of data rather than every last bit. Here we look at four innovative algorithmic ideas behind data sketching. BY GRAHAM CORMODE acmqueue | march-april 2017 2 2

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