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New Route 47 Bus Service Between Wilmington And Middletown Took Its Inaugural Run

On Monday, October 12, DART launched its NEW Route 47 bus service between Wilmington and Middletown. The route will boost economic growth, improve access to jobs and answer the needs of local businesses and commuting Delawareans. Bus Route 47 operates from downtown Wilmington at 9th and Market Streets to US 13 with limited stops along Dupont Highway, expressing on DE 1 to DE 896 and using US 301 into Middletown.

Bus Route 47 offers three roundtrips Monday through Saturday to meet the shift times of Amazon employees, and provide service to and from the Walmart Supercenter. Residents in Middletown can also use the service to get to jobs in Wilmington. In addition to the stops listed in the Route 47 pocket schedule as time point references, there are approximately seven additional stops in each direction. The limited stops allow for a faster, more direct ride. A flag zone has been established on DE 896 - Boyds Corner Road between Cedar Lane Road and Jamison Corner Road where passengers can wave down the bus to stop.

The new route travels two fare zones with a cash fare of $1.75 per zone. When traveling the full route between Wilmington and Middletown, the cash fare is $3.50 per trip or $7.40 for a 2-Zone Daily Pass. For more information, please visit or call 1-800-652-DART.