Pearls and Rubies — Fall 2016
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More than a new look

IT'S AN EXCITING TIME to be a member of FarmHouse Fraternity. As we begin a new biennium, we have much to celebrate. Our membership is at an all-time high. Our educational programs continue to win awards, and our support of the FarmHouse Foundation is the strongest it has ever been. Our men are routinely setting the standard for academic success in the Greek community.

They also make us proud by continuing to demonstrate our commitment to philanthropic support and by taking an active role in organizational leadership on each of their 34 campuses. And our alumni continue the long tradition of giving generously of their time, talent and treasure to support the Fraternity while exemplifying the ideals of a FarmHouse man both personally and professionally.

There's also another reason for excitement. Our Fraternity unveiled a new brand during Conclave in August. While the Fraternity's crest will continue to be used in many ways, the new brand also includes the introduction of a shield and other streamlined visual elements. The new brand positions FarmHouse well in the modern campus and communications environments.

The Fraternity's social media platforms, email newsletters, print collateral and recruitment materials have already been redesigned with the new brand. Many chapters and associations have also started to use the new brand elements. And as the biennium continues, we will see accelerated adoption of the new brand at the chapter and international levels, culminating with the launch of a new website early next year.

The new brand is already proving to be an asset in both our chapter member recruitment and in the FarmHouse expansion efforts. It is positioning the Fraternity in a fresh way, enabling us to tell the story of who we are, and of the shared values we hold. Brands, though, are more than optics, aesthetics and words.

As FarmHouse men we recognize that our brand is much more than the visual representation of our Fraternity. FarmHouse is a values-based fraternity, and our brand is who we are. It isn't just something that's seen in our letterhead and on our website, it's something that's seen through the way we live our lives. It is something that is felt in how we treat others. And it is something that is exemplified through our holistic approach to personal growth–building ourselves and each other intellectually, spiritually, physically and socially-morally.

Each of us–individually and collectively–shape our Fraternity's brand. We do so in a way that others see and remember, and that is much more powerful than the crest, shield and other visual representations of our Fraternity ever could be.

In this regard, the launch of our new brand is an opportunity for self-reflection on how we as chapters, associations, undergraduates and alumni create the FarmHouse brand. It is a wonderful opportunity for us to reflect on a few key questions:

How is my chapter or association affecting the FarmHouse brand? In what ways do I exemplify the values of FarmHouse in my daily life? In what ways can I help strengthen the brand of FarmHouse Fraternity?

This is a significant moment in the history of our Fraternity. As we launch a new visual identity for FarmHouse, we also have an opportunity to recommit ourselves to the values on which our Fraternity was founded more than a century ago. In doing so we will ensure the authenticity and consistency of our brand. And that is something about which we can all truly be excited.


Gabriel Eckert (KS 95), CAE
President, International Executive Board