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The November-December, is chock full of all new articles from unschoolers on the journey to self-directed lives. A mother shares her trepidation as her young son passsionately immerses himself in his fantasy of creating entire communities. She fears he will quickly become disillusioned and yet wants him to know the freedom of exploring his ideas on his own terms. We've got a great list of reviews of spectacular foreign films for kids, and John Gatto is back, this time with his strong position on the ramifications of following another's agenda. An unschool mom of two shares her successful approach to preparing and eating simple, nutritious foods, and her kids are enjoying the process as much as she is! Another mom vulnerably bares her soul as she describes the mistakes she's made with her son in her need to control his learning, and the happy growth she is experiencing in learning to let go and trust. We hear from another unschool mom who looks back at her son's extremely slow reading acquisition, sharing what she's learned in the process and inspiring the rest of us with his growth... he is now an adult and working on his PhD. Single mom Leslie Potter returns in this issue with her experience of learning to work with the discomfort of deschooling, freedom, motivation and more. Grown unschooler Idzie Desmarais writes for the first time about how we value ourselves and what she believes are the most important things to learn as human beings. Have you been fortunate enough to experience the fun and art in math? Another mother tells us about her journey into creative, deeply thoughtful math... and it began when her daughter was just two. Suki Wessling reveals some of the results of a survey she's been conducting on the secret lives of (parent) unschoolers and Kate Fridkis explores the socialization issue. How many friends does one need? Pat Farenga shares much more archival John Holt wisdom and our editorial discussion takes on raising a free child.

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