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AN INTRODUCTION TO EXPRESSIONS Make a statement with expressions! Personalization has come a long way in the last decade, but it is still underutilized. With Expressions, we can help add some magic to your variable data printed piece or email blast, beyond simple, one color personalization. This handy guide will help ignite your creativity and help you visualize the possibilities. As they say, you are only limited by your imagination. We often think of personalization as name only, but it can be so much more. Consider an offer dependent on certain criteria in your database or images specifically associated with certain records. With Expressions we can make it jump off the page and get noticed. A personalization is more than just a person’s name. There are six ways to use Expressions and the method you choose depends on your budget, image and medium. Certain techniques work better with certain fonts and images. The ultimate goal is to elicit a response by creating an emotional connection through personalized imagery. Personalization is not done just to be cute. It will elevate your response rates and the campaign’s overall effectiveness. Color name-only personalization has been shown to boost response rates by 135 percent over a comparable static black and white piece, while adding the name in black only delivers a 44 percent improvement. 1 Expressions will elevate your response rates even further. 1 Source: Romano and Broudy www .cpcsolutions.com VDP Expressions Setup Guide © 2012 CPC Solutions. All Rights Reserved. 3

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