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BY RENATA SUMMERFORD PARKER PHOTOGRAPHS SUPPLIED career,” says Chase. “So when a Citadel classmate from Dallas convinced me to move, it was an easy decision. I moved to Dallas and within three weeks, I landed a job selling voice-mail technology, which was a completely new concept at the time.” The move proved to be wise one, as Chase rose to number two sales producer in the nation within six months of being hired. “I had found my calling,” he says with a smile. Leveraging his initial success, Chase joined ADP, one of the world’s larg-est providers of business outsourcing services, where he was named into the President’s Club for three consecutive years and at 28, promoted to national sales trainer for ADP’s NYC-area headquarters. “A lot of people think a good sales person means being friendly. It’s not about schmoozing people; it’s about being in a leadership role with your customers,” says Chase. As a national sales trainer, Chase realized his passion for sales and speaking. “I decided that someday I would start my own business as a sales trainer and speaker,” he recalls. A stepping-stone into his business, Chase left ADP for a position as director of business development for the Midwest office of Arthur Andersen. “While at Andersen I had an idea for my business model and a colleague shared it with the CEO of a large manufacturing company. He requested a meeting and offered to be my first client almost immediately. The only stipulation was quitting my job at Arthur Andersen. At the time, we had newborn twins, a two-year-old, we lived on a single income and on top of that, I was half-way through an MBA program that I was paying for myself,” says Chase. It was a huge risk and a bold move, but Chase believed in the concept. In 1993, Chase started his business with one “seed” client and replaced his income within two years. By 2001, Chase had earned the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) desig-nation from the National Speakers Association, the highest level in the industry. Since then, he has given more than 2,000 paid presentations all over the world. His reputation as a speaker soon captured the attention of publisher McGraw-Hill. “The first book deal with McGraw-Hill was the biggest break I ever had,” says Chase of the opportunity to write Competitive Selling , which was recognized with an Editor’s Choice literary award for Best Business Books of 2010. His third book is scheduled for release in 2012. “One of the biggest lessons I have learned along the way is to keep adapting your business model to changing market conditions,” reflects Chase. Cold calling may be dead, but the selling game is alive and well. And for Chase, it just got more exciting. GPD BJ NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2011 Landy Chase GREATER PEE DEE BUSINESS JOURNAL | 21

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