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over us. I still see the damage to the beaches and homes in the aftermath, in my mind. I pursued Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Washington where I worked with a very well-known Atmospheric Scientist, Conway Leovy (recently deceased) who was on the NASA’s science team of the UARS satellite. Yes, the same one that crashed back to earth a few weeks ago. I was always curious about how circulation changes at elevated levels can impact the near-surface climate and weather. In all, studying the atmosphere is very interesting since you are literally living and breathing in the very lab that you are studying. PDBJ: Can you speculate on how your research may influence the direction of how we view our climate? Dr. Limpasuvan: As much as we care about how the climate system might potentially evolve due to (human) influence, we still have much to learn about the natural climate variations and related processes. Our research study aims to one: clarify the sources and nature of these wave disturbances that are responsible for the sudden warming event, and two: address the role of the mesosphere in stratosphere’s recovery from such event. These waves come in a wide array of spatial scales. In this study, we will resort to computer models to study them. Our recent work suggests that the meso-spheric evolution is strongly coupled Dr. Varavut Limpasuvan to the stratosphere during the sudden warming event and may play a role in the recovery of the stratosphere from the event. In redistributing energy among different atmospheric layers, wave disturbances form the bases for this coupling. We attempt to illuminate the role of the mesosphere in the recovery process. PDBJ: What level of professional satisfac-tion do you derive from getting the opportu-nity to conduct climate dynamics research? Dr. Limpasuvan: Since the proposed study was peer-reviewed by experts in the field, it is satisfying to know that our ideas are feasible and worthy of support. Yet, what is perhaps more satisfying is the fact that undergraduate students will get to participate. GPD BJ NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2011 GREATER PEE DEE BUSINESS JOURNAL | 17

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