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GLOBAL crossings WORLD LEADERS M DC’s Center for Latin American and Caribbean Initiatives (CLACI) has embarked on a series of collaborative efforts to bring to light different aspects of the cultural and socioeconomic milieu in Lat-in America and the Caribbean. In an initiative bringing students face-to-face with world leaders, CLACI hosted Chile’s Ambassador to the United States, Arturo Fermandois , who spoke about issues related to trade, diplomacy and economics. “Fermandois’ lecture brought attention to very timely issues of foreign policy in the Americas,” said Carlos Barrezueta, CLACI executive director. “His knowledge of Chilean history and foreign policy was illuminating.” Expand Students’ Global Perspectives International Liaisons Ambassador Fermandois’ visit to the College was presented in collab-oration with the office of the Consul General of Chile in Miami as part of CLACI’s program series featuring prominent government officials from the Americas. Fermandois, who has served as Chile’s Ambassador to the United States since June 2010, also teaches courses on constitutional law at the Catholic University of Chile, has written several books and has pub-lished more than 40 specialized articles in Chilean and foreign law reviews. “His lecture was an extraordinary opportunity for our students to draw comparative conclusions on Inter-American affairs,” Barrezueta added. Students also benefited when CLACI recently collaborated with the Uni-versity of Miami’s Center for Latin American Studies at MDC’s Confucius Institute, the OIE and Student Life at North Campus to host a panel discus-sion at the North Campus on the growing ties between China and Latin America with regard to international policy, economics, culture and history. The panelists discussed the subject from a wide perspective that included trade matters, energy collaboration and accelerated capital investments, while reviewing historical and cultural ties, such as the influence of Chinese immigration in Latin America. From left, Dr. Rolando Montoya, MDC Provost; Jane Ann Williams, executive director of MDC's Office of International Education; Chilean Ambassador to the U.S. Arturo Fermandois; Chilean Consul General Juan Luis Nilo; and Jeff Olesen, Diplomat in Residence. Exemplary Life CLACI and the University of Miami's Center for Latin American Studies also partnered recently to host a three-part event to bring awareness to the life of Toussaint Louverture , the leader of the Haitian Revolution. The event, free and open to the public, included a documentary screening of Égalité for All: Toussaint Louverture and the Haitian Revolution , a question-and-answer segment and an informal reception at MDC’s North Campus. The program was presented in collaboration with MDC’s Office of Interna-tional Education (OIE) and the Office of Student Life at North Campus. The documentary tells the story of Louverture’s life, his leadership of the 1791 slave rebellion in the French colony of Saint Domingue, and how his military genius and political acumen led to the establishment of the inde-pendent nation of Haiti. – HP More than 100 scholars and faculty members from Ecuador’s Universidad Tecnológica Equinoc-cial came to Miami Dade College recently for a three-day seminar on international business. “This is a great opportunity to welcome foreign scholars to our institution,” said Ana Cruz, the chair of the School of Business at MDC’s Wolfson Campus. “It’s also important to foster good rela-tionships with other institutions and build future business connections.” MDC Broadens Business Ties TO LATIN AMERICA The program featured speakers from MDC's School of Business faculty, as well as other ex-perts in the fields of banking, economic devel-opment, international finance and trade. The speakers also discussed topics including interna-tional strategies for marketing and sales in addi-tion to the economic outlook for the future. lege during the recent summer session to take Intensive English for Academic Purposes courses. The Saudi Arabia Cultural Mission, a Saudi gov-ernment agency that places Saudi students at the best educational institutions in the United States, sponsored their enrollment. – WV Local Partnership Thanks to the continued support of the South Florida Center for Financial Training, Cruz said the plan is to continue the seminar on an annual ba-sis, expanding it each year in order to enhance the educational experience. Other international initiatives from MDC’s School of Business include a recent two-week leadership seminar in which the College hosted students from Chile and featured visits to United States Cold Storage facilities and the Port of Mi-ami, giving them the opportunity to see the lo-gistical workings of major operations and meet experienced leaders in the field. Chilean students learn business leadership techniques at MDC ’ s Wolfson Campus. Future MDC Scholars “Many of these Ecuadorian scholars might be-come MDC students,” Cruz said. “Especially now that we offer more bachelor’s degrees, in addi-tion to our more than 300 as-sociate degree programs.” This is the second year MDC has hosted the Ec-uador seminar, which is conducted in Spanish. In 2010, 81 Ecuador-ian students and faculty members attended. This year, 126 attended. 4 COLLEGE forum Around the Globe In other international endeavors at MDC, about 20 students from Saudi Arabia came to the Col-

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