North Dakota Center for Distance Education Course Catalog 2011-12 : Page 6

Enrollment Information 6 Course Enrollment With few exceptions, ND CDE accepts course enrollments at any time of the year. The excep-tions are: y Courses provided to a school on a fixed schedule, and y Courses designated for a select time period, such as summer school. Course Completion y CDE courses are designed to be completed in one semester (18 weeks). The exception is credit recovery courses, which are designed to be completed in 10 weeks. y CDE courses may not be completed in less that 5 weeks. y CDE courses may be dropped for a refund if the request is made within 14 days of enrollment. Call 701-231-6000 if you wish to drop a course. y CDE courses are open to withdrawal by request up to ten weeks after enrollment with no penalty. Call 701-231-6000 if you wish to withdraw from a course. y CDE courses are assigned a final grade after 18 weeks (one semester) unless an exten-sion is requested. Courses can be extended to a maximum of 36 weeks from the date of enrollment upon request by the student and/or the student’s school. Courses must be completed within 36 weeks of enrollment. Failure to drop, withdraw, or complete a course within the guidelines detailed above will result in a final course grade based on the work completed at the end of one semester (18 weeks) or the agreed-upon extension period (up to 36 weeks). Course Integrity  Exam Administrator (Formerly known as Supervisor) All tests and final examinations must be administered by an approved person. Individuals administering exams for ND CDE must be approved by the administration of the local school or by ND CDE. The preferred choice for an exam administrator is a licensed elementary, secondary, or post-secondary educator. This includes teachers, counselors, administrators, librarians, and college faculty. In addition, members of the clergy, public librarians, and military education personnel may serve as exam administrators.  Site Coordinator (This is a new position at ND CDE.) For a person to qualify, he or she must meet all of the qualifications and be able to carry out all the duties of an exam administrator. In addition, the site coordinator would have added duties related to representing ND CDE to a school or group of schools. This is a paid, part-time position.

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