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INSTITUTIONAL MDC’S SUCCESS Makes Perfect New Learning Style Miami Dade College’s exceptional suppor t for student success is evident in the most re-cent Survey of Entering Student Engagement (SEN SE), a national survey that measures stu-dents’ early experiences and opinions about their colleges. The survey, which was conducted in the fall, sampled students taking their first col-lege-level courses in English and math. SEN SE measures benchmarks that provide information in six key areas, including engaged learning and academic support networks. Now is the perfect time for MDC to celebrate its success and focus on meeting new chal-lenges, according to Billy Jones, chair of College Prep at Kendall Campus. He recently attended a conference held by the Entering Students SENSE he results are in: The most recent Enrolled Student Survey shows encouraging trends at Miami Dade College and a satisfied student body. The recent survey assessed students’ levels of satisfaction with MDC’s services. The inquiry has been conducted and updated every two years since 1998 and provides insight into MDC’s progress and the demographics of its student body. Students were asked if they knew about 19 different services offered by the College, if they used them, and if they were satisfied with them. The majority of students gave most of MDC’s services a rating above 70 Success Institute to learn ways of incorporat-ing findings from the SEN SE study into M DC ’ s programs. H i gh E x pe c t at i o ns a n d A sp i r at i o ns , E ng a g e d Learning, and Academic and Social Support Net-work. In addition, MDC performed very well on the other three. “The data showed ways we can enhance early contact with students at MDC,” Jones said. “The needs of 21st century students are different, even from just a few years ago. For example, more students now have to balance their aca-demic studies with their work demands.” The results were compared to 172 SENSE co-hort colleges and 16 colleges classified as extra-large. MDC outperformed the SENSE cohort and extra-large colleges on three key benchmarks: Light-Years Ahead “The data confirms that MDC is on the vanguard,” Jones said. Survey results also showed specific ways in which the College can keep getting bet-ter. On a 0-60 scale, MDC scored best in engaged learning with a score of 55.8, which indicates that students at MDC are actively connected to course material and their own learning experience. – JD Students Give MDC Services TOP T GRADES percent. For high-use services, the library booked the highest rating with 95 percent user satisfaction. Other high scorers included the Testing Office (94 percent) and Study Skills Labs (93 percent). When students were asked to indicate their level of ag reement with statements related to M DC, 10 of the 12 items had outstanding ag reement ratings. Students applauded M DC’s computer and tech-nology support (77 percent). They also greatly appre-ciated the respect employees demonstrated to them (73 percent). Most results were consistent with the past three years according to David Kaiser, director of MDC’s Institutional Research. One trend that Kaiser not-ed was that, g iven the current economic cli-mate nationwide, “more people are coming to MDC to get a better job," and are excited about their improved future employment opportunities. At the end of the survey, students rated their overall satisfaction with MDC, and 90 percent of students reported being satisfied. “That means people are pretty hap-py,” Kaiser said. – JD 4 forum

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