Tyler Today December 2017 / January 2018 : Page 99

Jackson’s room is much more functional in its décor, as it should be for a rambunctious boy. Matt’s old collection of Hardy Boys and Tom Swift books are used as decoration. Someday, no doubt, Jackson will be reading those books just like his dad did. Since he is in the first grade now, it may not be long from now that Jackson will start reading about the adventures of Frank and Joe Hardy, and taking notice of the scientific world around him as interpreted by Tom Swift. Two items that are particularly interesting in this room are two, red toy tractors that sit on Jackson’s dresser. The smaller one belonged to Margaret’s grandfather when he was a boy. The larger one belonged to Matt’s dad as a boy. Hanging on the wall above the dresser are some photographs of baseball players that have been autographed. One is Babe Ruth and another is Mickey Mantle. The photo that is especially interesting is autographed by Yogi Berra. Also in the frame is a photograph of a small boy asking Yogi for his autograph. That small boy is none other than Matt Stone. “I remember when my dad took me to the Astrodome and I met Yogi and got his autograph. I am glad to have such a neat piece of memorabilia to pass down to my son.”

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