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sometimes break them up or bounce them north, leaving forecasters in Trump mode and looking for a way to save face. There is little to be said for, but a lot to be said about, our weather here in the Washington, D.C., suburbs. So O.W. got tired of his unimaginative friends defaulting to conversation like, “Boy, how about that wind today?” when the wind was no different than yesterday and will be the same tomorrow. In our part of the world, we don’t have a default option in conversation about the weather. This past winter we had to be prepared daily to talk about what Mother Nature was dishing out that day. The weather has been especially stimulating for conversation, despite what O.W. might say. I’ve lived here for most of my life and I can’t remember a winter weather pattern like this one. I spent the first 10 years of my life in Wisconsin, where O.W.’s insight from Ireland actually applies. The seasons were clearly defined. Summers were warm and once or twice a hot spell would break up the monotony and for a few days residents would regret not having air conditioning in their homes and cars. Winters were cold, too cold for the electric heat pumps we rely on here to be of any use. Gas or oil was the only way to go. Snow covered the ground for most of season. Spring was rainy and hard to get in a full schedule of Little League games, and the fall was dry despite our wishes for rain so we could play football in the slop. In Maryland, the seasons are rarely the same from one year to the next. Two winters ago Montgomery County felt like Wisconsin, except Wisconsin is expert in snow removal and there is rarely a snow day. I remember during that long and relentless winter wondering where weather like this was when I was growing up here? My friends and I would have loved a week off of school to play in a couple of feet of snow. So this winter past was just the opposite – downright balmy at times. We had spring in the crosshairs until winter storm Stella – like the nerdy kid in school who right before the bell rings reminds the teacher that she forgot to assign homework – ruined a winter that was otherwise stimulatingly conversational. MM Montgomery Magazine // April/May 2017 27

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