Holistic Horse June/July 2017 : IFC

When your horse’s coat looks dull, maybe her DIGESTIVE SYSTEM isn’t functioning properly. Ask your veterinarian to test your horse with the SUCCEED ® Equine . Fecal Blood Test ™ Maintaining optimal digestive health is more than just avoiding serious health issues like ulcers and colic. The digestive system is the key to the horse’s physical appearance and hair coat condition, as well her overall health, attitude, ability to perform… everything. That’s why you should have your vet test your horse regularly with the SUCCEED Equine Fecal Blood Test (FBT). The SUCCEED FBT allows your vet to assess whether the horse has an underlying GI tract condition in minutes, right in the barn. When you know what’s going on beneath the surface, you can take action and keep your horse’s digestive system running like it should. www.succeedfbt.com Photos: Getty Images, Tammi Nowack Photography. The SUCCEED Equine Fecal Blood Test is a quality product from Freedom Health LLC. SUCCEED ® is a registered trademark, and Equine Fecal Blood Test ™ is a trademark of Freedom Health LLC. © 2017. All Rights Reserved. U.S. Patent Nos. 7,629,180 and 8,168,446. Canadian Patent No. 2,601,368.

Succeed Digestive Conditioning Program

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