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ALUMNI news DOUBLY PLEASED WITH MDC Twin brothers Francisco and Javier Flores, 46, have always been of a like mind – they went to the same schools, became doctors special-izing in dermatology and are both grateful for the academic founda-tion they received at MDC. The brothers came to Miami from Cuba at age 11, and they feel blessed to have found MDC, from where they graduated in 1989. “I wouldn’t trade my ex-perience at MDC for anything,” said Javier, who has a private der-matology practice in Miami. “The intensity of the studies and the academic challenge I re-ceived were second to none.” Echoing brother Javier’s senti-ments, Francisco added that the value of an MDC education ex-tends far beyond academics. “Since we had finished in the top 10 percent at our high school, we got scholarships that covered full tuition at MDC, which was import-ant because we came from a poor family of immigrants,” said Francis-co, who has a private dermatology practice in Broward County. The twins got bachelor’s degrees in biology at Georgetown and then graduated from the University of Miami’s medical school. Javier went straight into dermatol-ogy, and Francisco did a residency in orthopedic surgery before also following in his brother’s footsteps. “Dermatology offers a rare com-bination of being able to do surgery as well as medical assessments,” Javier said. “Dermatology is a win-dow into the body that gives clues as to what may be going on inter-nally. You can save lives if you tune into those clues.” – WV MDC alumni Javier Flores, above, and twin brother Francisco, right, are successful dermatologists. The work of MDC alumnus Adler Guerrier is on display at Pérez Art Museum Miami. Lifelong Success Began at MDC Marydell Guevara, who recently became the first Hispanic woman to serve as director of the Miami-Dade County Corrections and Rehabilitation Department, credits her education at MDC for getting her started on her impressive career path. “My studies at MDC opened a new world of learning and pragmatism for me,” said Guevara, who oversees six facilities that house more than 5,000 inmates. “MDC gave me the tools to know how to ask questions, seek knowledge and view things critically. That’s what higher education is all about. The cornerstone of lifelong success is higher education.” After MDC, Guevara earned a bachelor’s in criminal justice. She later went on to complete government courses at Harvard University’s JFK School of Government. She then took all that higher education and poured it into a rewarding career that now spans 31 years with Miami-Dade County’s Cor-rections and Rehabilitation Department. – WV MDC alumnus Pedro Gómez is a sports reporter who has worked for ESPN for the past 11 years. The Perfect Plot for Success The buzz on renowned artist and MDC alumnus Adler Guerrier has grown to a fever pitch this fall with the opening of an extensive exhibition of his work at Pérez Art Museum Miami. Running through the end of January, Adler Guerrier: Formulating a Plot showcases the vast breadth of Guerrier’s art, in-cluding sculpture, works on paper, photography and prints. The critically acclaimed exhibi-tion comes right on the heels of Guerrier’s completion of his first public art commission at the Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Training Facility, where his vibrant installa-tions greet visitors in the lobby and lend charisma to exterior gates and fences. This month his work is on view in Amerika at David Castillo Gallery. Next summer, he will be in-cluded in From Within and Without: The History of Haitian Photography at Nova Southeastern University Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale. Guerrier represented the Visual Ar ts in M DC’s 2012 Alumni Hall of Fame. He was selected for the prestigious Whitney Museum of American Art’s 2008 Biennial and won the 2013 South Florida Cultural Consortium fellowship. – MR 2 COLLEGE forum MDC alumna Marydell Guevara recently became the first Hispanic woman to serve as the director of the Miami-Dade County Corrections and Rehabilitation Department. The Elective That ESPN sports reporter Pedro Gómez owes a big debt of grati-tude to Miami Dade College. “I would not be in this profession if it weren’t for MDC and Professor Pete Townsend,” said Gómez, who has spent the past 11 years primarily covering baseball at ESPN. “I took his journalism course as an elective, and it turned into my career.” What Gómez discovered is that he could parlay his love of sports into a profession. He worked as a newspaper writer for 19 years, making stops locally at The South Dade News Leader , The Miami News and the Miami Herald . From there, he wrote for The Arizona Republic , San Diego Union-Tribune , San Jose Mercury News and The Sacramento Bee . At 52, Gómez has covered 20 World Series and served as a sideline reporter for ESPN soccer broadcasts, most notably for the 2008 European Championships in Austria and Switzerland. It’s been a fun ride, and MDC and Townsend deserve a lot of credit, Gómez said. “I didn’t realize I could be on the field – not as an athlete but as a reporter. Townsend was the one who told me: ‘Yes, jobs like that exist.’ That’s why they have electives. You never know what you will discover about yourself.” – WV /MDCollege Changed His Life MIAMI DADE COLLEGE COLLEGE f orum September 2014 • Volume 18 • Number 3 Published by Miami Dade College, Office of Communications 300 N.E. Second Ave., Miami, FL 33132-2296 Send emails to Communications Director . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Juan C . Mendieta Marketing Communications Director . . . . . . . . .Irene Giménez Muñoz Editorial Director . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Brenda Krebs, Ph .D . Copy Editors/Contributors . . . . . Monica Roos, Anne-Margaret Swary Graphic Designers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 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