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Changing Lives. That’s what we do at the Wil Lou Gray Opportunity School (WLGOS). As an agency of state government, we specialize in helping at-risk young people move past the obstacles in their lives to achieve success. What do we mean by “at-risk”? WLGOS serves students in South Carolina ages 16 through 19 who are on the path toward: failing at their current school, dropping out of school and not completing their education, missing a college education or successful career, and/or a negative lifestyle. If this describes a young person that you know, we are here to help! Since our students have many individual needs, we have a variety of programs to guide each one to success. Please contact WLGOS (803.896.6480) for details on all of our programs. Program highlights include: t$PVOTFMJOH t-JGF4LJMMT t$PNQFOTBUPSZ&EVDBUJPO t1SF&#0e;&NQMPZNFOU5SBJOJOH t1SF&#0e;7PDBUJPOBM5SBJOJOH t8PSL&#0e;,FZT1SPHSBN t$BSFFS(VJEBODF+PC1MBDFNFOU t)FBMUIDBSF t(&%1SFQBSBUJPO t+305$1SPHSBN t4UBUF$FSUJöFE5FBDIFST t2VBTJ&#0e;.JMJUBSZ t3FTJEFOUJBM1SPHSBN t$PMMFHF4DIPMBSTIJQ1SPHSBN We are proud to say that the Wil Lou Gray Opportunity School has been awarded the distinction of being a Palmetto Gold School for the 6th consecutive year. This award recognizes WLGOS as having a first-class academic program.

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