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Libby Roof applies sunscreen to her children Mason, front, and Hayden. Summertime demands extra care for your child’s skin L ibby Roof has a supply of sunscreen on hand at all times. She keeps it at home and it travels with her children, Hayden, 8 and Mason, 2. Roof isn’t paranoid. Her commitment to consistent sunscreen use is for good reason. “My dad’s sister died of cancer,” said Roof, a Gilbert resident. “She had a spot on her back July 2012 sun Fun in the Story by Chris Worthy ] Photos by Sarah Hettich that was melanoma. She died very young.” Another close family member also had skin cancer and has recovered, and Roof has dealt with two areas of basal cell carcinoma, which were removed. “When I grew up, you just didn’t wear sunscreen,” she said. “It’s not just skin can-cer. I don’t want my children to have those painful sunburns that I had.” Roof said she keeps sunscreen in her youngest child’s diaper bag. “We keep multiple bottles of sunscreen,” she said. And her boys use it — even when they Palmetto Parent 19

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