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is limited and schedules are very full. Celebrating simply keeps the focus on the event and avoids increasing the stress level of an already busy family. For Leventis-Cox, creating meaningful yet natural celebra-tions results in unique events that are in keeping with the values she teaches her son the remaining 364 days of the year. “You are celebrating be-ing with people rather than getting gifts,” she said. Even her son’s big party was centered on the daily activities of her mother’s farm. “It was about being in nature together,” she said. Anni Daulter, author of "Naturally Fun Anni Daulter, author of Parties for Kids," shown at right, says “Naturally Fun Parties for the creativity of parents and children Kids” and a mom of four, can lead to very personal, natural par-said parties can be creative ties, such as a spa party, shown above. and fun for parents and 5650 VBS • Daycare • Parties Corporate Events Festivals • School Rewards Find us on Facebook! 803-457-0180 Anna Ari Personal Assistants, LLC ...because you deserve to be treated like royalty, 24/7! What do you do when your child forgets their bookbag in the car? What do you do when you are too sick to pick up your prescriptions? 5249 Crystal B. – Manager – 803-740-0934 701 Gervais St. kids, while still being “green” and simple. Daulter’s book includes tips for hosting a variety of parties — such a natural spa party — that celebrate events throughout the year. “Since most of the children we know do not like to sit quietly at a beautifully decorated table, most of the parties re ect a more simple approach that allows for a food table or space that children can grab and go from, but you can still make that look fun and seasonal,” Daulter said via email. “As you create your own celebra-tions, feel free to mix and match the vari-ous party elements to produce your own perfect party.” Daulter said the creativity of parents and kids can lead to very personal, natural parties. “ e spirit of each of the parties in the book was to inspire the reader to take the basis of the idea and run with it in ways that suit her own family,” she said. “Each was designed with an eco slant that supports a simple and natural lifestyle. I wanted each party to re ect the season, nature, beautiful ideas that can be easily implemented and good healthy food that is out of the pizza party comfort zone. I am very proud of the book and think the parties are fun, beauti-ful, inspired, creative and re ect a healthy respect for connection, friendship and com-munity.” 8 July 2012 10 Palmetto Parent

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