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Ooh la la! By Lynn Nolan, TAG Member Around the Bay 20 As I See It 23 Ciao 22 Classifieds 24-25 Community Forum 5 Here are some photos of players attending this year’s Grand Slam Summer French Open Mixed Doubles June 10. It was a beautiful morning and as you can see, we were blessed by the surprise visits of some of the tennis world’s greatest—both finalists from Roland Garros graced us with their presence. Just kidding; but I can personally attest, our players would have knocked the socks off the pros. As the real heat of sum-mer starts to permeate our daily lives down here in paradise, it is time for the annual/semiannual/every month reminder: hydrate... Whether it be your favorite sport drink, loaded with electrolytes or just simple, plain, tasty tap water ... glug and glug and glug some more. We really have to be so careful, especially on those days when there’s a little cloud cover—so don’t for-get: hydrate. And while I’m being bossy and telling you what to do in no uncertain terms, here’s Wimbledon Mixed Doubles Saturday, July 7 • 8am Tennis Strawberries & Cream and Wimbledon Finals & Brunch • 9:30am Don’t miss out... Call for a reservation 597-4497 another thing you mustn’t forget: sunscreen. Especially on those days when there’s a little cloud cover, we urge you to slather and slather and slather some more. The rays will find you, so protect yourselves as best you can. And while you’re cooling off or getting ready to go out and smash that ball, don’t forget there’s a lovely sale going on in the pro shops with all sorts of bargains on hats and visors, among other delights. Take this op-portunity to snag some sun protection with style. Foundation News 1-7 realtors advise...continued from page 1 crowded” and they want something more serene, or they prefer housing lo-cated directly “on the sand.” Many who purchase elsewhere do so be caus e of price and size con-siderations. Larger, newer, less expen-sive homes are avail-able east of routes 41 and 75 and tend to attract the younger families with chil-dren still at home. The group cautioned that Pelican Bay should strengthen its first-class as-sets and not try to be like other communities. The group defined the im-age of Pelican Bay as one of understated quality, featur-ing an active lifestyle and appealing natural ambi-ance that extends from the boulevard, to the berm, to the mangrove preserve and to the beach. To ensure the community stays strong and property values remain high, the group emphasized that continuous improvement and attention to detail will be required. Pelican Bay’s amenities are very attractive to po-tential buyers—especially the easy access to the beach, first class fitness center and tennis facilities. These are all strong selling points for their clients. Buyers are looking for active communities with opportunities for social inter-action. The group challenged us to continue to reinvest in Pelican Bay to make sure that all common facilities are kept “new and shiny” with “state-of-the-art” amenities. They also recommended that we find new ways to pro-mote Pelican Bay to area Realtors as well as apprais-ers, many of whom have not visited Pelican Bay or are not familiar with our facilities and the amenities included in our membership fee. Although some of the rec-ommendations from the Re-altor focus group are includ-ed in Pelican Bay’s current Strategic Master Plan and Community Improvement Plan—affirming much of the work that has been ac-complished in the last few years—many of the group’s suggestions are unique and will become integrated with the revised Strategic Plan next year. It was reassuring to hear that our current upgrade plans are on the right track! Pelican Bay New Members 7 Pelican Bay Property Owners Association 10 Pelican Bay Services Division 8 Tennis 3, 12 What To Do In Pelican Bay Beach Restaurants 12, 13-16, 18 Community Meetings 17 Fitness 12 Group Activities 17 Hours of Operation 13 Pelican Bay Post, July 2012 3

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