Legislative Scorecard 2012 Environmental Scorecard for Members of the 125th Maine Legislature : Page 2

The Next Page on Maine’s Environment The 125th Legislature will be remembered as one of the toughest periods for Maine’s environment. It will be remembered for Governor Paul LePage’s sweeping attacks on the laws that protect our health, natural heritage and way of life. It will be remembered for remarkable bipartisan leadership on a “takings” bill that threatened to freeze passage of future environmental laws and a last-minute bill that weakens mining regulations. Finally, it will be remembered as the time when Maine people came together like never before to defend our waters, woods and wildlife. As we look back on the session, there are many stories to tell. Some are hopeful, some discouraging, and some are a little of both. A bright spot of the session was the bipartisan support for a $5 million Land for Maine’s Future (LMF) bond, but in contrast, the passage of an open-pit mining bill presents a troubling look towards the future. For more than two decades, LMF has conserved more than 532,000 acres that secure public access for recreation, conserve our most important habitats, preserve Maine’s farming traditions and protect the natural infrastructure vital to both our sense of place and our economic future. Photo: Olivia Gatti A logger and hunter who has spent much of his time in Maine’s woods, former State Senator David Trahan of Waldoboro cares deeply about protecting wildlife habitat. He now heads the Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine (SAM), and used his passion for deer yards and his experience as a former legislator to work with a diverse group of partners to garner broad support for LMF. According to Beth Ahearn, MCV’s Political Director, “If it weren’t for David Trahan and the overwhelming bipartisan support he helped to build in the Legislature, we wouldn’t have a Land for Maine’s Future bond on November’s ballot this year.” Acid mine drainage -Formosa Copper Mine, Oregon

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