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Snap-on General ContaCtS – north ameriCa Official Website U.S. Customer Service 877-762-7664 Click on Customer Service in upper right corner of website Canada Customer Service 866-824-0524 Click on Customer Service in upper right corner of website Snap-on Corporate Find us on¼ Hand Tools Power Tools Tool Storage Diagnostics Diagnostics Product Support 877-447-6276 Diagnostic Training ± Online Request a Franchisee or Snap-on Representative Shop and Technician Tools Click on Find a Franchisee in the Technical Support upper right corner of website Specialty Meters 888-382-6522 Own a Snap-on Franchise Trailer Harness Testers and Adaptors (YA7900A, YA7900AP, LT series) 888-786-7899 Hand Held Gas Analyzers (all HHGA) 888-717-1333 Carbon Monoxide Analyzer (MT706A) 888-382-6522 Snap-on Credit Diagnostic Smoke™ Vapor Producing Machines 800-901-1988 877-777-8455 Battery Chargers (EEBC500, 100 and accessories) 866-713-6007 Electronic Battery Tester (EECS500 only) 866-592-8052 Snap-on Racing ECO™ PLUS A/C Service Center, KoolKare Plus (EEAC325A, EEAC325B, EEAC324A, EEAC324B) 866-769-2788 Wheel Balancers and Tire Changers (EEWB304C, EEWB305C) 800-225-5786 Pin Plate (EEWB3-1, EEWB3-2 and all components) 800-242-6687 Snap-on Business Solutions TPMS1 Tools 866-498-7671 MIG/TIG Welders and Plasma Cutter 800-ABC-WELD Heavy Duty Transmission Fluid Exchangers (EETF303B, EETF304B, EETF306A) 800-303-5874 BrakeKare™ Brake Flush System (EEBR311A) 800-393-1272 ext. 230 TransKare™ 1 ATF Exchanger (EETF305A) 877-906-1395, press 3 for technical support FuelKare™ Fuel Service System (EEFS305A) 877-906-1395, press 3 for technical support Fuel System Decarbonizer (EEFS505A) 877-776-8486 Blast Cabinet (All YA cabinets) 800-253-3661 Solvent Based Parts Washers (all PBC and PBD washers) 800-253-3661 Snap-on General Contacts ± International Snap-on Australia Customer Service 1800 810 581 Snap-on Japan Snap-on Germany Snap-on International Snap-on Italy Snap-on Mexico Snap-on Netherlands/Belgium Snap-on UK Snap-on UK Customer Service ± Internet Orders 01536 413877 E-mail: Government and Industrial Snap-on Industrial Snap-on Industrial Customer Service, U.S. 877-740-1900 E-mail: Snap-on U.S. Government Customer Service 888-418-5600 Fax: 888-418-5900 E-mail: Canada Industrial and Government Customer Service 888-451-8665 Fax: 888-447-8665 E-mail: Francais: Snap-on Industrial Europe Snap-on Industrial UK Industrial and Government Customer Service 01536 413904 E-mail: Industrial Customer Service Australia 1800 811 480 E-mail: Snap-on Equipment Equipment Service ± North America 800-225-5786 2

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