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what’s new in the we love all the talented  foodies who blog everyday  about recipes that they  create, test and photograph. we want to showcase some of these talented individuals and encourage you to check out their blogs! in this issue, the focus is on Canada and the massive  pool of talent we have right here at home. Let’s begin by introducing  our good friends  Food Bloggers of Canada... Wondering where to find the best Canadian food blogging talent? Head on over to Food Bloggers of Canada (FBC) – a new online (and offline) community established by friends and food bloggers, Ethan Adeland, Melissa Hartfiel and Mardi Michels. you’ll find a unique website where food and beverage bloggers can connect, network, share and find resources to expand their blogging knowledge in a friendly Canadian environment. Live since September 2011, FBC welcomes food and beverage bloggers from across the country. Check out the member directory to see how "far and wide" they reach! With content written exclusively for the site, FBC offers articles on a wide 40 www.eatineatout.Ca

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