East Coast Home and Design November/December 2011 : Page 59

Judith Larson GARDINER AND LARSON HOMES For Judith Larson of Gardiner and Lar-son Homes, the interest in architectural design began at an early age. “Wooden blocks, Lincoln Logs, shoeboxes, my fa-ther’s cigar boxes, you name it-I was al-ways building and drawing with pencil, charcoal and ink” says Larson. Designing homes since 1976, Larson’s firm is based in New Canaan, Connecticut and is a full service design-build firm consisting of architectural designers and architects. As principal designer, Larson believes that “a well-designed home is one that has at its core, simplicity”. Equating choosing a favorite house style to choosing a favor-ite child, she believes the design process is “an intimate and creative partnership” between client and designer. When asked what type of home she’d like to design, she responds “one that welcomes and connects us with our inner selves and one which comforts us”. That is she believes, “the kind of home that is truly timeless”. Judith Larson Gardiner and Larson Homes 71 Elm St New Canaan, CT 06840 203,972,1409 gardinerlarson.com East Coast Home + Design 59

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