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The Official Publication of the Pelican Bay Foundation, Inc. 2010-2011 PELICAN BAY FOUNDATION BOARD MEMBERS CHAIRMAN Bill Carpenter Vice-Chairman Mike Coyne Vice-Chairman / Treasurer Bob Uek Directors Ronnie Bellone Doug Esson Bob Naegele Robert Pendergrass Secretary (non-Board member) Steve Feldhaus With 6,500 residences and approximately 14,000 resi-dents, Pelican Bay covers a wide array of needs and interests. It also covers about 2,100 acres with miles of tree-l ined and l ight -ed roads; has two beach clubs, an active multi-use Community Center, and 18 tennis courts. We is-sue 28,000 visitor passes per year, and transport 800,000 passengers back and forth from the beach per year; so we are a busy com-munity, and importantly, one that is now 30 years old. While the early planning, plantings and other install-ations and systems have weathered the years remark-ably well, nothing holds its freshness, and yes mar-ketability, forever with-out proactive measures. The questions confront-ing the Strategic Planning Committee over the past five years have essentially been: What is fine as it is? What needs upgrading to maintain the value of our homes? What is needed to meet changing safety and secur i ty needs? When should we plan to do it? In 2009, the Pelican Bay Foundation completed a multi-year process which This article reports on the nature, scope and progress of these two priorities. Recognizing that these produced a Strategic Master Plan for Pelican Bay — with a vision for the future of our community. The Strategic Master Plan was developed over a two-year period by the Strate-gic Planning Committee, in conjunction with outside independent consultants, as authorized by the Peli-can Bay Foundation Board of Directors. The Strategic Master Plan was accepted by the Board of Directors in calendar year 2009. The entire plan can be viewed on the Pelican Bay Foundation's website at The Strategic Master Plan identified seven priorities; the first three of which are: Priority I — Beach Facilities; Priority II — Safety and Security; and Priority III — Our Envi-ronment — Natural and Built. Priority I was importantly addressed in late FY 2009 and early FY 2010. Substan-tial renovation and storm-strengthening upgrades were made to the beach facilities, including installation of all new impact resistant glass and entrances/exits, and the re-anchoring of the buildings for wind and storm surge resis-tance. Additionally, numerous furniture, fixture and kitchen improvements were made to each of the two beach-front restaurant facilities. Further upgrading to the menu offer-ings was implemented, and the wait-staff service/train-ing levels and the food and beverage management team were enhanced. FY 2010 has importantly focused on Priority II — Safety and Security; and Priority III — Our Environ-ment — Natural and Built. The Community Improvement Plan Report Issued by Wilson Miller is available in digital flip, searchable format at two priorities impact both Foundation-owned property (e.g. the community berm, parking lots, the Commons, the Community Center, ten-nis courts, etc.) and Collier County-owned property (e.g., roadways, pathways, street lighting, road medians, water management, etc.) within the community, the Pelican Bay Foundation en-tered into a written interlocal agreement with the Pelican Bay Services Division in fis-cal 2010 to jointly undertake a study of the best ways to advance these priorities. (The Pelican Bay Services Division is an extension of Collier County Government. The Services Division serves as an Advisory Board to Col-lier County with respect to maintaining and improving County owned property in Pelican Bay. The Services Division fulfills these objec-tives using special district tax revenues — Municipal Services Taxing and Benefit Unit (MSTBU) specifically assessed by the County on Pelican Bay property owners for these purposes.) continued on page 3 Look for community information on channel 95 or our website at October 2010 • Volume 11, No. 15 Community improvement planning — A continuous process By Strategic Planning Committee The Pelican Bay Foundation, Inc. 6251 Pelican Bay Blvd. Naples, FL 34108 Prsrt std Us Postage PaId PermIt #419 Ft myers FL

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