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Kansas City Barbeque Society – America’s Barbeque Experts!® APRIL 2017 Postmaster: Dated Material. Please deliver by April 10, 2017 The Monthly Publication of the Kansas City Barbeque Society 30 teams, lots of fun, more than 2000 visitors W.E.S.T. 2017 -Glowing for BBQ Two thousand people on Saturday and Sunday, thirty BBQ-teams, Snowlicious (a full kitchen on a snowgroomer), perfect winter weather – what do you want more for a BBQ weekend – that was W.E.S.T. 2017 in Rein in Taufers. Best of all – the charity for DEBRA – remarkable – GC offered the prize money for DEBRA. 15° C under zero, night work, crunchy quietness, cold fingers, colder toes, what brings more than one hundred people to the point to do that. Passion for BBQ. To call them crazy for BBQ is more than right under these conditions. Thirty teams from all over Europe worked for the weekend. At the end the goal was to be the 1st GC in Europe in 2017. The classic four meats, judged by 30 certified judges and as a special, again – a mystery box. Since we as organizers don’t want the teams to train on our ancillary category last year we launched the mystery box. That offers the chance to the teams to be creative. This year there were local sausages, white and black kale and coffee, offered from one of the sponsors. So for sure a combination that keeps the teams busy, and seeing the temperatures, even warm. About the weather – what do you want more? Fresh snow on Thurs-day to present the area as a perfect winter scenery. Windy on Friday, not the thing you want. A little chilly on Saturday, perfect, the coldest point (-18°C) during the night and a perfect Sunday. Temperatures around -8° C and blue sky – perfect weather to run a BBQ contest, great pictures for all people visiting. It was not easy for the teams but exactly what you expect from winter BBQ. The location, Rein in Taufers, situated in the middle of the Alps, 5.000 ft about sea level, surrounded by beautiful mountains is the perfect place to host an event like that. Just as in 2016 the organizers, Michele, Myrko and Haymo organized to set up more than 30 wooden sheds for the teams and the sponsors, teams brought tents, so the setup was simply great. For the crowd on Saturday and Sunday there were prepared Arrosticini (an very special Italian meal -spits with sheep) and Philly Cheese Steak Sandwiches on Saturday, again Ar-rosticini on Sunday and a combo plate that offered all 4 contest meats to the public. What more to mention, on Saturday Weber presented on site the Genesis II and the Summit charcoal. For this reason 2 real Igloos were built as the right platform for a good presentation. 4 European YouTube bloggers had showcookings on the new machines and had a lot of people around to grab a taste. On Sunday, to call it Fire meets Ice, the local Ice hockey team went for a visit on the contest site and was there for meet and greet with the public. Well, even to mention that some of the American and Canadian import players enjoyed really to taste some BBQ. A very important fact on Sunday as a tradition every year -all the leftovers from the teams were offered to the public to taste, just on the team sites. People could taste them for a free donation, and all donation came together for the charity event. Well, at the end, what to add. Important facts. 3rd year of contest, again a new GC, Hannes and Heike Handle, better known as BBQ Longhorn Ranch Hands from Austria took the big trophy, again in marble as every year. Gekko BBQ from Switzerland took the RGC. The most remarkable act came after the contest. Hannes from BBQ Longhorn Ranch Hands took his prize money, 1542,00 € (about $1,630.00) and donated it completely to charity. What shall we say, that truly left us speechless. Coming back to charity, with the prize money and all the collecting from the free tasting we were able to donate almost $3,000.00 to the local DEBRA chapter. That helps and makes us so proud. That shows that BBQ is not only fun but a real big family that helps and has fun to help. As we saw over the last year even some other European contests copy this idea and this makes us even more proud of all. Well, what remains for us organizers? Simply a great weekend with great friends. A big thank you to all volunteers that helped and our sponsors, without all of them this wouldn't be possible. What's important now -energy to work on to be able to organize W.E.S.T. for next year too. We will try our best again, and maybe we even will be able to welcome U.S. teams fighting the cold with us. GC BBQ Longhorn Ranch Hands and the organizers, Myrko, Michele and Haymo Inside RETAIL LIST Books, Seasonings & More New Members Master CBJ’s Lifetime Members 28-29 13 11 30-31 ASK KCBS 14 15 Kids Que CLASS SCHEDULES Cooking Classes Judging Classes Table Captain Classes UPCOMING EVENTS 2016-2017 Events Volume 52, Issue 4 13 7 18 20-27 2519 Madison Ave. KCMO 64108 Phone: 800.963.5227

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