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COMMUNITY MEETINGS Pelican Bay Foundation Board Fri,. April 28 8:30 a.m. Pelican Bay Services Division Board Wed., April 5 1 p.m. All meetings will be held at the Community Center unless otherwise noted. Have you updated your email address directly with the Foundation? You may have subscribed to receive the newsletter via the mobile app or via the website, but may not have contacted the Foundation to update our database. To ensure that all members have the opportunity to receive all email com-munications from the Foundation, please email us at pelicanbayfoundation@ with your name and member number. POST Early April 2017 • Volume 19, No. 7 PELICAN BAY The Official Publication of the P elican Bay Foundation, Inc. > FRESH AND LOCAL Check out the product upgrades being featured in the restaurants’ new Spring menus. Page 5 > HOT COMPETITION The 2017 Club Championships was a resounding success for players, spectators and espe-cially the winners! Page 8 > JOIN US FOR “BAY DAYS” Take part in the event where residents do something good for their own neighborhood, and make a global contribution to the environment. Page 14 > DINNER & A MOVIE FINALE PRSRT STD US POSTAGE PAID PERMIT 2397 TAMPA FL Design Guidelines workshop explores community views By Mary McLean Johnson, Chair, Strategic Planning Committee A brutal exposé of a broken system, this film reignites the dialogue on full legal equality for all Americans. Page 14 > "PERSON OF THE YEAR” The Pelican Bay Property Owners Association is pleased to present the 2017 award. Page 34 On February 22 and 23, about 60 members took part in a community planning workshop to consider the future look of Pelican Bay and the role of Design Guide-lines. The workshop took the form of a “charrette,” a series of sessions that engage par-ticipants in discussions and evaluations as part of devel-oping design solutions. The charrette was led by Celine Gladwin, Partner at BFB Gladwin Architects. For the past year, she and her team have been document-ing the elements of land use, building design and land-scaping that help to define the character of Pelican Bay. The project was spurred by a desire to strengthen the Foundation’s ability to respond to intensifying development pressures. The most immediate challenge is the wave of renovations, demolitions and rebuilds seen in Pelican Bay’s single family developments. How-ever, redevelopment is likely to emerge as a factor for multifamily developments also, as properties start to show their age. OVERVIEW AND COMMUNITY TOUR The workshop began with a general introduction to the project. This included a review and compilation of the laws and regulations that govern land use and develop-ment in Pelican Bay, as well as an inventory of all exist-ing properties with photo documentation. With this information in hand, the next step is to draft design guide-lines that can help ensure the compatibility of future development with the high quality evidenced in Pelican Bay’s original design. There were several ques-tions at the outset about the relationship of design guide-lines to Pelican Bay’s existing codes and covenants, which require Foundation review and approval of building and landscaping projects. It was explained that the purpose is to assist the Foundation in exercising its approval auth or ity b y pr o vid ing more specific guidelines that amplify the general provisions set out in the continued on page 3 > ENVIRONMENTAL SAFETY TIPS Important information to ensure that you stay safe while enjoying all the com-munity has to offer. Page 38 If you have interacted with any Foundation amenities or services, your feedback is essential. The survey at only takes a few minutes and you’ll be entered into the weekly drawing! WIN A $50 GIFT CARD The Pelican Bay Foundation, Inc. 6251 Pelican Bay Blvd. Naples, FL 34108

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