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Kansas City Barbeque Society – America’s Barbeque Experts!® MARCH 2017 Postmaster: Dated Material. Please deliver by March 10, 2017 The Monthly Publication of the Kansas City Barbeque Society 2017 KCBS Board of Directors Mike Hays -President Randall Bowman -Treasurer KCBS Officers Mike Peters -Vice President Sandy Fulton -Secretary Backrow L-R: Dave Compton, Wayne Lohman, Dennis Polson, Joe Otto, Mike Hays, Arlie Bragg, Randall Bowman and Michael McDearman Frontrow L-R: Mike Richter, Mike Peters, Carolyn Wells, Phillip Brazier and Sandy Fulton *All Board members can be reached at their email address or for the entire Board of Directors, Committee Chairs: Randall Bowman: Treasurer and Marketing Committee Arlie Bragg: Nominating Committee Phillip Brazier: Rep Committee Dave Compton: Philanthropy Committee Sandy Fulton: Secretary, Sanctioning and Banquet Committee; Mike Hays: President Wayne Lohman: International Outreach Committee Michael McDearman: Communication and Education Committee; Joe Otto: Strategic Planning Committee Mike Peters: Vice President, Membership and Tech Committee; Dennis Polson: CBJ Committee Mike Richter: Rules Committee Inside RETAIL LIST Books, Seasonings & More ASK KCBS 14 16 New Members Master CBJ’s Lifetime Members 100+ Contests Kids Que 28-29 4 11 27 31 CLASS SCHEDULES Cooking Classes Judging Classes Table Captain Classes UPCOMING EVENTS 2016-2017 Events Volume 51, Issue 3 13 7 18 21-27 2519 Madison Ave. KCMO 64108 Phone: 800.963.5227

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