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Splish and Splash Indoors We all think of swimming as a summertime activity, but just because there are no UV rays to lather up with sunscreen to protect yourself from doesn’t mean you can’t splish and splash. Montgomery County ( operates four indoor pools and what better way to beat the winter blues than with a purely summertime activity? The Germantown Indoor Swim Center includes competition recreation, leisure and two separate hydrotherapy pools, as well as diving platforms and a water slide. At the Kennedy Shriver Aquatic Center in Bethesda – named for Special Olympics founder Eunice Kennedy Shriver – there is an eight-lane, L-shaped main pool divided into two 25-meter swim areas, a warm-water leisure pool, two hydrotherapy pools, a 10-meter diving platform, an interior water slide, exercise room, Dark Adventures Once briefed by the marshall, you set off on your adventure – maneuvering through the darkness, armed with laser gun and on a quest to collect as many points as possible. At Shadowland ( in Gaithersburg you can kill a winter day with a family activity that burns calories and energy and creates memories. Once you have your “assignment” you enter a multi-level arena of carpeted ramps, walkways, alleyways, bridges and towers. You creep or run, plotting strategic points from which you can accumulate points by shooting “enemies.” At times an eerie, misty fog complicates things. Specialty music, colored lights and darting laser beams combine to create an energetic environment where protecting yourself keeps adrenaline flowing. You work with your team to advance in the adventure. There are few family activities that push your senses to the limit. In some of the adventures you can fall victim to a spell or virus and will need to find the cure. In other adventures you will stalk quietly while ducking and dodging opponents. Each adventure has its own keys to success. If laser tag isn’t your thing, you can take on the secret-agent-like challenge of navigating the laser maze course, meandering as quickly as possible through obstacles without breaking the laser beams. MM saunas and a lighted outdoor jogging trail. The Martin Luther King Jr. Swim Center in the Colesville-White Oak area includes an eight-lane, 25-meter stretch pool with a movable bulkhead allowing for a separate diving area, diving boards and a five-meter platform, a teaching pool for children, and a hydrotherapy pool. The Olney Swim Center in Olney Manor Park includes an eight-lane, 25-meter pool, diving boards, a shallow-warm water leisure pool, two hydrotherapy pools, and a sauna. There is also a meeting room for classes, birthday parties and rentals. THE GERMANTOWN INDOOR SWIM CENTER 66 // February/March 2017

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