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MIAMI DADE COLLEGE COLLEGE ROLLING OUT THE RED CARPET Film Stars, Movie Fans Flock to Miami for World-Class Festival Celebrating its 32nd year of bringing glitz, glamour and great cinema to South Florida, Miami Dade College’s Miami International Film Festival will feature a stellar lineup of mov-ies from around the globe during its 10-day run March 6-15. More than 400 producers, filmmakers, stars and in-dustry professionals will descend on multiple venues in Miami as the Festival presents more than 100 films from 30-plus countries . Attracting tens of thousands of fans each year, the MDC event is the only major film festival produced and pre-sented by a college or university. A bevy of top box-office draws headline this year’s Festival, including Ricardo Darín in the opening night film Wild Tales ( Relatos salvajes ), the legendary Catherine Deneuve in 3 Hearts and In the Name of My Daughter , and Geraldine Chaplin in Sand Dollars ( Dólares de arena ). All three are perennial Festival favorites, with Darín being a winner of the 2013 Grand Jury Prize for Best Performance in A Gun in Each Hand ( Una pistola en cada mano ). With the Festival serving as the pre-eminent event for showcasing Ibero-American cinema and acting as a major launching pad for international and documentary cinema, it is fitting that this year it acknowledges the out-standing achievements of an unsung group of artists with its “Tribute to the Continued on Page 16 f orum February 2015 • Volume 19 • Number 1 Catherine Deneuve in In the Name of My Daughter Érica Rivas and Diego Gentile in Wild Tales Ricardo Darín in Wild Tales Geraldine Chaplin, right, in Sand Dollars Carnegie Foundation Lauds MDC for Civic Engagement Miami Dade College recently re-ceived high praise for its academ-ic initiatives when it was awarded the 2015 Community Engagement Classification, which is an elective classification that involves data col-lection and documentation of an institution’s mission, identity and commitment to community en-gagement. MDC is the only com-munity college in Florida to earn this designation, and one of only 20 community colleges in the na-tion to do so. “Earning the Carnegie Communi-ty Engagement Classification is the gold standard in higher education for civic engagement,” said Josh /MDCollege “Earning the Carnegie Community Engagement Classification is the gold standard in higher education for civic engagement.” – Josh Young, director of MDC’s Institute for Civic Engagement and Democracy to make a difference.” Young, director of MDC’s Institute MDC has been widely recognized for Civic Engagement and Democ-for its long-standing commitment racy. “Our faculty, staff, students to community engagement through and college leadership are working its wide-ranging endeavors such hard to build stronger communities as the Institute for Civic Engage-and create a new generation of in-ment and Democracy, academic volved, informed citizens who care service-learning, the Earth Ethics about the common want @MDCollege @MDCollege good and Institute, MDCulture, Miami Book Fair International, extensive com-munity-campus partnerships, and the commitment of MDC faculty to fostering civic engagement and civ-ic responsibility as part of the teach-ing/learning process. “These are campuses that are improving teaching and learning, producing research that makes a difference in communities, and revitalizing their civic and academ-ic missions,” said John Saltmarsh, director of the New England Re-source Center for Higher Education and one of the leaders of the Com-munity Engagement Classification process. COLLEGE forum 1

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