Canadas Homeschool Alberta 9.3 Spring/Summer : Page 2

ATTENTION HOMESCHOOLERS... Looking for Quality Resources for Bible Education in the Home? As a homeschooler, you know the importance of providing superior educational materials for your family. But finding quality Bible study resources can sometimes be a challenge. Our new Church at Home Web site can help. Based on the conviction that Christian education belongs first and foremost in the home , our site features the following: • Hundreds of downloadable half-hour videos on a wide variety of biblical topics: &#0d; &#0d; &#0d; &#0d; • Who is God? &#0d; • Human Destiny • Salvation &#0d;&#0d; • Prophecy &#0d;&#0d; • Creationism &#0d;&#0d; • Christian Living • Kingdom of God • Why the Church? As an example of what you’ll find at Church at Home , we’d like to offer you a free copy of one of our latest books— Lord, What Should I Do? This eye-opening book was written especially for those who are seeking genuine spirituality for themselves and their families, but are dissatisfied with today’s one-size-fits-all corporate church experience. At 94 pages in length, this book is a practical guide for believers who understand that true Christianity begins at home . Included is vital information on how to participate in the growing movement in small, home-based fellowship/ study groups. To order, write us at CBCG, P.O. Box 125, Brockville, Ontario, Canada, K6V 5V2. Or e-mail us at You may also call us at (613) 498-1481 (9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST). FREE BOOK! • Dozens of thought-provoking articles and booklets—all downloadable. • FREE full-length books you can order. And, at Church at Home , you’ll find no hidden agendas or political viewpoints being pushed— just genuine Bible-based materials designed to enhance Christian education in the home. Visit us today!

Church At Home

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