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Oh, Baby! Could a nanny be right for your family? Story by Chris Worthy o you need in-home help? Katie Bugbee, managing direc-tor of, an online service that connects families with employees who provide child care, housekeeping, tutoring and more, said jobs for nannies and house-keepers can be tailored to suit almost any family’s needs. Some families need full-time child care, while others need care only a few hours per week while a stay-at-home mom gets a break for errands and other needs. Hiring in-home help is deeply per-sonal but it remains a business relationship, Bugbee said. Duties, responsibilities and compensation should be agreed upon in a written contract. Benefi ts, such as vaca-tion time or pay for holidays and sick days, should be spelled out in advance. Meetings between parents and nannies should be fre-quent — weekly at fi rst, moving to monthly once the relationship is well established. “Talk about the week and what has come up,” she said. Marta Perrone, author of “Th e Profes-sional Housekeeper Training Guide,” said it isn’t enough for families to know they need D help. Th ey must also decide what they need. “Th e fi rst step is to defi ne your needs,” she said. “You When hiring a housekeeper, Marta Perrone, author of “The Professional may want a profes-Housekeeper Training Guide,” suggests keeping the following in mind: sional nanny with ■ Provide a detailed job description. higher education and credentials to care for ■ Specify policies regarding sick days, vacations and overtime. a child and nothing ■ Consider tax issues, such as payroll deductions. more.” A housekeeper ■ Specify termination procedures. may provide oc-■ Provide a household manual with emergency numbers and discipline casional child care procedures, if the job involves child care. or may drive a child after school, but the ■ Do periodic reviews and evaluations. primary focus of ■ Maintain boundaries. their work is on the home. Perrone said families may choose to hire through an agency or an online job bor’s experience and think that is enough. site. She said families should understand Always call references yourself. Interview what level of screening is being provided top candidates at a neutral location. Don’t before using either form. bring a candidate to your home unless you Some families fi nd help through word of are working with an agency you trust.” mouth. Second interviews can then be conducted “If you do that, you have to be careful,” in the home, followed by a paid trial day or she said. “Don’t take your friend or neigh-several days, she said. ] Things to keep in mind when hiring a housekeeper B allentine F amil y D entistr y m ichelle l . m istele , D. m .D • c osmetic D entistry • c rowns / B riDges • p artials / D entures • t eeth w hitening • n itrous o xiDe a vailaBle • r outine c heckups / c leanings • v isa / m astercarD • s trict s terilization c oDe • i ntra o ral c amera • e mergencies w elcomeD n ow a ccepting p a tients 4764 3533 D reher s ho als r oa D ( h wy . 6) 803.732.3001 September 2012 Palmetto Parent 19

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