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Oh, Baby! What happens when? Here’s a look at baby’s fi rst year milestones ■ ■ ■ ■ Baby Compiled by Chris Worthy The Medical University of South Carolina provided the information in these milestones. birth to 3 months of age… Weight: Average gain of about 1½ to 2 pounds each month Height: Average growth of more than 1 inch each month Head size: Average growth of about one-half inch each month Hearing skills: A child should ■ react to loud sounds with startle re-fl ex; ■ be soothed and quieted by soft sounds; ■ awaken by loud voices and sounds; ■ smile in response to voices when spoken to; and ■ seem to know your voice and quiet down if crying. Gross motor skills: A child should ■ kick legs back and forth; ■ hold head erect when on her belly; and ■ turn head from side to side when placed on abdomen. Fine motor skills: A child should ■ open and close hands; ■ hold, then drop, a rattle or other object; ■ look at mom’s and dad’s faces; 10 Palmetto Parent look at hands; follow light, faces and objects; listen to sounds; move arms, legs, body in rhythm with another’s voice; ■ follow a moving object with eyes back and forth and up and down; and ■ activate arms upon seeing a toy. Speech and language skills: A child should ■ smile in response to others; ■ respond to social contact, may coo; ■ vocalize pleasure and displeasure sounds (giggles, cries or fusses); ■ make noise when talked to; and ■ fi x gaze on ob-jects and people for short periods. Feeding skills: A child should ■ have good suck-swallow-breath coordination when nursing or bottle feeding. At the end of 3 months a child should ■ raise head and ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ From 4 to 6 months… chest when placed on abdomen and prop on forearms; begin to reach hands to objects, may bat at hanging object with hands; turn head to you when you speak; roll from side to back; bring hands or objects to mouth; and keep hands open 50 percent of the time. like diff erent colors. dislike being left alone. Weight: Average gain of 1 to 1¼ pounds each month; by 6 months of age has doubled birth weight Height: Average growth of one-half to 1 inch each month Head size: Average growth of about one-half inch each month Hearing skills: A child should ■ look or turn toward a new sound; ■ respond to changes in tone of voice; ■ enjoy rattles and other toys that make sounds; ■ turn her head in the direction of a voice or noise; ■ become scared by a loud voice or noise; and ■ possibly recognize her own name. September 2012

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