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2 high-tech gadgets your student might love Th ink your student has everything? Here are two accessories we think are worth a look. And, you could win one! See below for details. Octa’s TabletTail is a fl exible handle and stand for tablets and e-readers. Th e two-part system includes a vacuum dock and whale tail. Place the vacuum dock’s suc-tion cup on the back of the device, pump the button at least fi ve times to create a vacuum seal, attach the whale tail-shaped handle and it is ready to go. Th e handle can be bent to the shape of the user’s hand to provide a secure grip or used to stand the device upright for hands-free reading. Th e TabletTail retails for $49.95 each and is available at Th e Feigner is a fi nger hold that attaches to any smartphone, portable gaming system or other handheld device. A neoprene sleeve (available in three sizes) fi ts around the user’s fi nger and attaches to a ball-and-socket joint that attaches to the device. It allows for 360-degree rotation of the device and is designed to help prevent drops. Th e Feigner retails for $15.95 and is available at You can win a TabletTail! Palmetto Par-ent is giving away one TabletTail and one Feigner. Visit or our Facebook page,, by Aug. 16 for details. TabletTail “We had a fi rst-grader on the morning news show who did a PowerPoint presenta-tion,” Williams said. “Th ey start young.” Th e technology provides a lot of opportu-nity for creativity, according to Foxworth. “When students have a choice in the kind of work they will produce, they take owner-ship of it,” she said. “Th ey don’t know a world without technology, so we need to make learning relevant to them.” Part of that learning includes practicing good citizenship in a global community. “We are living in the 21st Century,” Wil-liams said. “We spend a lot of time focusing on ethical use of the equipment — cyberbul-lying, what’s appropriate to put in an email.” Th e tools used in today’s classroom are keeping up with the changing world — and students who see life through a high-tech lens. “Th ey do think diff erently than kids did 20 years ago,” Williams said. “Th ey seem more apt to use the technology to learn than they would a paper and pencil. I tell teachers not to be afraid if a child says, ‘I know how to do that another way.’” For Blalock’s children, who now use a fi ngerprint scanner to check out books from the school’s library, the seamless integration Fourth-graders use a computer to work on an assignment together at Forest Lake Tech-nology Magnet School. of familiar technology into everyday learning will, according to Blalock, equip them for college and the workplace. “Let’s face it, all of our children are savvy and it intrigues them,” she said. “It makes learning fun.” ] The Feigner Enter to win a TabletTail 10 Palmetto Parent 5318 August 2012

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