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First-grader Cera Webb uses an iPad to learn new reading skills. BACK to SCHOOL Story by Chris Worthy Photos by Sarah Hettich Midlands schools add laptops, tablets and iPods to engage students and offer new learning opportunities J ulie Blalock sees her daughters’ use of technology as a means to advance their education, not the education itself. With a generation of tech-savvy stu-dents, schools are employing the use of lap-tops, tablet computers and other technol-ogy to engage students and show them that a world of learning is just a click away. Blalock is PTO president at Forest Lake Technology Magnet School in Columbia. Her daughters, Erin, 11, and Ella, 8, at-tended the school fi rst as magnet students. Th e family recently moved to a neighbor-hood zoned for attendance at the school. Blalock and her husband are engineers. She said they were impressed by the op-portunities off ered at Forest Lake. “For myself and my husband, it’s not about teaching your children technology,” she said. “Technology is a tool for teach-ing them other things. We thought the ability to learn more was done best through technology. What I’ve gained from this is that it’s not only about the children having technology to advance their learning. Th e teachers can teach more and get further along. Technology is a conduit and a tool August 2012 8 Palmetto Parent

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