Teachers Guide Perot Museum Programs 2012-13 : 9th-12th

PROGRAMS BY GRADE (9th-12th GRADE) CLASSROOM PROGRAMS Look Out: The Eye* As your students will discover during this guided dissection program, the inner workings of the eye are complex and fascinating. In teams of two, students will conduct their own dissection of a real sheep’s eye to learn about the eye’s structure, its connection to the brain, and how the parts of the eye work together. *Lab-based program TEKS: Biology: 1a, 2ef, 5b, 7a, 10c Pump Up: The Heart* Challenge your students to get to the heart of the matter during this guided dissection of the body’s hardest-working muscle! Students will learn about the heart’s structure and function, trace the flow of blood through the heart, and learn how oxygen, nutrients and hormones are transported throughout the body. In teams of two, students will conduct their own dissection of a real sheep’s heart. *Lab-based program TEKS: Biology: 1a, 2ef, 5b, 7a, 10ac Trash Island: Albatross Pellet Dissection* Garbage, garbage, everywhere and not a bite to eat! The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is an accumulation of non-biodegradable trash brought together by ocean currents. Birds like the albatross often mistake floating plastics for their prey. By studying the pellets that albatrosses regurgitate, scientists monitor the impact of the garbage patch on the diet of these birds. In teams of two, students will dissect pellets to identify, sort and classify contents. This program emphasizes the impact of humans and material waste on delicate ocean ecosystems and food chains. (Real pellets will be available to observe and examine, but dissection pellets will be artificial replicas.) *Lab-based program TEKS: Environmental Systems: 1a, 2efgik, 3ab, 4dg, 9abd Aquatic Sciences: 1a, 2efgik, 3ab, 12abc AUDITORIUM PROGRAMS Electric Theater Spark your students’ interest in electricity and magnetism with this highly interactive auditorium program. We offer a broad range of grade-appropriate content, led by our knowledgeable instructors and supported by volunteers from the audience. We’ll explore the properties of electricity using a Van de Graaff generator and Tesla coil, and we’ll cover topics including plasma, electromagnetism, Lenz’s Law, direct and alternating currents, Ohm’s Law, Joule’s Law and transformers. Prepare your students for a truly hair-raising experience as they experience the power of science. TEKS: IPC: 1a, 2abe, 3adef, 4g, 5acdefg, 6abc Physics: 1a, 2abcdef, 3ade, 4d, 6abcdefg Fire & Ice This program literally goes to extremes to teach students about the different states of matter. Using fire and liquid nitrogen, our instructor demonstrates how physical and chemical changes occur. Student volunteers help the presenter explore how temperature affects matter. TEKS: Chemistry: 1ab, 3ef, 4ac, 11ab Physics: 1a, 2ef, 3ade, 6efg IPC: 1a, 3be, 3aef, 5ade, 6ac, 7ab Super Hero Science This program is available only at the Perot Museum. Superheroes are the stuff of comic books and Hollywood blockbusters. But do your students understand the real science behind their fantastic powers? This educator-led interactive stage show will explore topics including lasers, invisibility, X-ray vision, kinetic energy, levitation and smart materials. TEKS: IPC: 1a, 2abe, 3adef, 4acdeg, 5abdeg, 6ab, 7abc Physics: 1a, 2abcdef, 3ade, 4abcd, 6abcdefg, 7abcde, 8ab Chemistry: 1a, 2abcdeghi, 3adef, 4ac, 6b, 7d, 11ab

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