Teachers Guide Perot Museum Programs 2012-13 : Third

PROGRAMS BY GRADE (3rd GRADE) CLASSROOM PROGRAMS Adapt to Survive In the animal kingdom, adaptation is the key to survival. In this instructor-led, dialogue-based program, students use taxidermy specimens, skulls, pelts and other hands-on natural items to pinpoint the ways in which animals are both physically and behaviorally adapted to survive — and thrive — in their habitats. TEKS: 3a, 9abc, 10ab ABC’s of Chemistry Chemistry can be fun! This class introduces students to the basics of chemistry, states of matter and atomic behavior, and helps demonstrate the important role that energy plays in the process of phase change. Through engaging experiments and demonstrations using innocuous yet reactive materials, students will determine whether a chemical or physical reaction is taking place. TEKS: 1a, 3ab, 4ab, 5abcd Air and Weather Discovery is in the air as students explore the water cycle, learn how clouds form and investigate the explosive power of tornadoes. They’ll also use a Van de Graaff generator to reveal shocking facts about lightning! Some student volunteers will even have the opportunity to join our educators in front of the class as assistant meteorologists. TEKS: 1a, 3ad, 4ab, 8b Amusement Park Physics From bumper cars to roller coasters, every amusement park ride has its own unique thrill — and as your students will discover, the physics behind these machines can be pretty exciting, too! Our instructors will guide your class through topics such as kinetic and potential energy, force, mass, velocity, acceleration, motion, gravity, momentum, inertia and friction as they focus on the design and operation of these whimsical creations. TEKS: 1a, 2abcdef, 3ad, 4ab, 5a, 6abc LEGO ® : Simple Machines In this hands-on array of guided activities, students will learn all about simple machines and what makes them…not always so simple! By building with LEGO ® blocks to construct levers, fulcrums and other machines, your students will come away with a stronger understanding of what “mechanical advantage” really means! TEKS: 2a, 3a, 6abc Paleontology 101 If your students have ever wondered how paleontologists have learned so much about dinosaurs and other ancient creatures, this is their chance to learn how scientific methods can help unwrap the mysteries of the past. In this instructor-led journey, your students will handle replica fossils of ancient animals that once roamed Texas, and learn how fossils can hold important clues about an animal’s diet, appearance and environment. We’ll even put their paleontological prowess to the test with a dino-themed game show! TEKS: 3ad, 9ac, 10a Texas Archaeology: Moments in Time Texas’ rich cultural history takes center stage in this interactive program using artifacts, maps and a hands-on archaeological lab activity. Students will measure, sketch and analyze real artifacts covering 12,000 years of human history from a site near Texas A&M University. We will examine tools, clothing, ornaments and instruments to explore technological advances through time. TEKS: 2abdf, 3ad, 4a, 7d Social Studies TEKS: 1a, 2ac, 3a, 4abd, 5d, 17e AUDITORIUM PROGRAMS Electric Theater Spark your students’ interest in electricity and magnetism with this highly interactive auditorium program. We offer a broad range of grade-appropriate content, led by our knowledgeable instructors and supported by volunteers from the audience. We’ll explore the properties of electricity using a Van de Graaff generator and Tesla coil, and we’ll cover topics including plasma, electromagnetism, Lenz’s Law, direct and alternating currents, Ohm’s Law, Joule’s Law and transformers. Prepare your students for a truly hair-raising experience as they experience the power of science. TEKS: 1a, 2a, 3ad, 4ab, 6abcd

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