Teachers Guide Perot Museum Programs 2012-13 : Pre-K

PROGRAMS BY GRADE (PRE-K) CLASSROOM PROGRAMS Dig Those Dinos Even the littlest hands are sure to make big discoveries in this intriguing introduction to paleontology. Working at hands-on stations, your students will see and touch fossil replicas, learn amazing dinosaur facts, and discover how dinosaurs lived, what they ate — and who ate them! Do Bugs Bug You? There are lots of bugs in the world, but not all of them are insects. See the spark of discovery as your students gain an understanding of insect characteristics and how they fit into the animal kingdom. In this program, each student will take on the role of a junior entomologist, collecting data for individual reports to take back to school. Earth Explorers Rocks can be found everywhere. In fact, Earth itself is one huge rock! This program challenges your students to examine various types of rock for attributes such as shape, size, color, texture, luster and weight. As they gain knowledge about classification methods and the major Earth processes that formed these rocks, they’ll begin to understand that every rock tells a story. Engineer It: Basic Builders Pushing, pulling and lifting are common forms of work — and with the help of machines, we humans have learned how to make our work a little easier! In this interactive program, students will explore the principles of simple machines and how they work. Working collaboratively, your students will function as engineering teams to build machines of their own using LEGO ® Simple Machines kits. Leonardo’s Workshop Our world is full of many beautiful colors! In the art world, color helps artists express themselves. In nature, many insects are attracted to certain hues, and the coloration of some animals helps protect them from predators. If we look outside after a rainstorm, we can sometimes see a colorful rainbow. Encourage your students to build science readiness while observing a color and light demonstration, exploring color at hands-on activity stations, and creating their own colorful artwork. Magnet Mania May the force be with you! This program takes a hands-on approach to helping your class understand the power of magnetism. Students will gain knowledge of different kinds of magnets — and learn about the many things magnets can do — while engaging in a variety of magnetic activity stations. Organella’s Inside Story In many ways, the human body is just like a machine. This engaging program will introduce your students to Organella, a child-sized stuffed doll that will give them the opportunity to peek inside her body to explore some major body systems. They’ll hear how these systems work together then visit interactive stations to discover ways to keep their own bodies fueled and healthy! Plant Path: The Basics of Botany Curious students will take on the role of a botanist as they dissect a lima bean to learn more about the structure and importance of plants on Earth. Students will also visit hands-on plant stations to understand the “magic” of seeds and prepare a take-home activity that will allow them to predict and observe plant growth at their own pace. Portable Universe Planetarium One World, One Sky Duration: 45 minutes What early childhood student wouldn’t want to join Big Bird, Elmo and Hu Hu Zhu on a trip to the moon? This 25-minute Portable Universe movie, followed by a 20-minute program, follows these Sesame Street friends as they explore the sun, moon and stars, including the Big Dipper and North Star. The imaginary journey allows students to discover that no matter where we may live on Earth, we are all connected under the same sky. The Sky at Night: Live Duration: 50 minutes Students can learn a lot about planet Earth by exploring the movements of the sun, moon and stars — not to mention the insights they’ll gather when a virtual journey to other planets and distant galaxies gives them a glimpse into Earth’s unique place in space. Portable Universe content is tailored to meet the learning needs of each specific age group and is well suited for both cultural and scientific studies. This program is perfect for ntroducing students to the wonders of the universe or to supplement deeper in-classroom study of astronomy.

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