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PROGRAMS 2012-2013 Magnet Mania (Grades PK-2) May the force be with you! This program takes a hands-on approach to helping your class understand the power of magnetism. Students will gain knowledge of different kinds of magnets — and learn about the many things magnets can do — while engaging in a variety of magnetic activity stations. TEKS: Kindergarten: 2abde, 4a, 5a, 6abcd 1st Grade: 2abde, 4a, 5a, 6abcd 2nd Grade: 2abf, 3bc, 4a, 6abcd Nothin’ but Net! (Grades 4-8) How do basketball players launch three-pointers? Are there machines and physics on the basketball court? In this program, students will use catapults and shoot miniature basketballs — all in the name of helping them understand energy, mechanics and the three classes of levers. By analyzing their distance data and using what they learn from these simple machines, they’ll be able to compare catapults to the structure of a human arm! TEKS: 4th Grade: 2abcdef, 3ad, 4a, 6ad 5th Grade: 2acefg, 3ad, 4a, 6ad 6th Grade: 1a, 2acde, 3ad, 4a, 8ab 7th Grade: 1a, 2abcde, 3acd, 4a, 7a 8th Grade: 1a, 2abcde, 3ad, 4a, 6ac Organella’s Inside Story (Grades PK-2) In many ways, the human body is just like a machine. This engaging program will introduce your students to Organella, a child-sized stuffed doll that will give them the opportunity to peek inside her body to explore some major body systems. They’ll hear how these systems work together then visit interactive stations to discover ways to keep their own bodies fueled and healthy. TEKS: Kindergarten: 2abde, 4b, 9ab 1st Grade: 2abde, 3a, 9a 2nd Grade: 2abde, 3a, 9a Paleontology 101 (Grades 1-8) If your students have ever wondered how paleontologists have learned so much about dinosaurs and other ancient creatures, this is their chance to learn how scientific methods can help unwrap the mysteries of the past. In this instructor-led journey, your students will handle replica fossils of ancient animals that once roamed Texas, and learn how fossils can hold important clues about an animal’s diet, appearance and environment. We’ll even put their paleontological prowess to the test with a dino-themed game show! TEKS: 1st Grade: 2ae, 3bc, 9ac, 10a 2nd Grade: 2ae, 3bc, 9ac, 10a 3rd Grade: 3ad, 9ac, 10a 4th Grade: 3acd, 7b, 10a 5th Grade: 3ad, 7ad, 10a 6th Grade: 3abd, 10d, 12d 7th Grade: 3abd, 8a, 10a, 11c, 12a, 13a 8th Grade: 3abc, 11ab Plant Path: The Basics of Botany (Grades PK-2) Curious students will take on the role of a botanist as they dissect a lima bean to learn more about the structure and importance of plants on Earth. Students will also visit hands-on plant stations to understand the “magic” of seeds and prepare a take-home activity that will allow them to predict and observe plant growth at their own pace. TEKS: Kindergarten: 1a, 2acde, 4ab, 9ab, 10abcd 1st Grade: 1a, 2acde, 4a, 9a, 10b 2nd Grade: 1a, 2acde, 4a, 9a, 10b Pump Up: The Heart (Grades 4-12) Challenge your students to get to the heart of the matter during this guided dissection of the body’s hardest-working muscle! Students will learn about the heart’s structure and function, trace the flow of blood through the heart, and learn how oxygen, nutrients and hormones are transported throughout the body. In teams of two, students will conduct their own dissection of a real sheep’s heart. Lab-based program TEKS: 4th Grade: 1a, 3a, 4ab, 10a 5th Grade: 1a, 3a, 4ab, 10a 6th Grade: 1a, 2a, 3ab, 4ab 7th Grade: 1a, 2a, 3a, 4ab, 12abc 8th Grade: 1a, 2a, 3a, 4ab 9th–12th Grade: Biology: 1a, 2ef, 5b, 7a, 10ac * * Rockin’ Thru Texas (Grades 4-8) This hands-on, station-based program equips students with the skills to identify and classify various types of rocks and minerals using hand lenses, streak tests and UV fluorescence. By focusing on geology, the rock cycle and plate tectonics, students will also explore how movement of the Earth’s continental crust has shaped the landforms we are familiar with today. TEKS: 4th Grade: 2ab, 3acd, 4a, 7b 5th Grade: 2abcdf, 3ad, 4a, 7ab 6th Grade: 2abe, 3abcd, 4a, 6c, 10bcd 7th Grade: 2abe, 3abcd, 4a, 8b 8th Grade: 2abe, 3abcd, 4a, 9bc 14 PER O T MUSEUM OF NA TURE AND S CIENCE TEA CHER’ S GUIDE 2 012 | 2 013

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