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Beat the Story by Jennifer Weaver 8 Photos by Sarah Hettich 10 ways you can combat your children’s summertime blues hot to get out,” she sa I t’s July. Kids have been out of school for a while. Cries of “I’m bored” and “Its hot” ring out in neighborhoods across the Midlands. “You have to pre-empt the bored talk,” said Julie Rhoad, a mom of four and o ce manager at Abner Montessori School of Chapin. If your children are su ering from the mid-summer blues, don’t despair. Palmetto Parent spoke with local moms and found 10 ways you can combat your children’s summertime blues. Offer projects that kids can complete on their own. “ ink outside the box,” Rhoad said. “Give them things that they have never tried. You might put together all the materials for jewelry-making or science projects.” Rhoad suggested parents put to-gether materials and instructions, but allow the kids to do the projects on their own. “Have a prepared environment based on their interests,” she said. “If you give art materials, include di erent mediums. Switch it out every couple of weeks. You might have paper-mache one week, then modeling clay another.” Get wet. Kristin Shelton, a mom of two and senior program director for the YMCA of Irmo, sug-gested relay races at the community pool or even in the backyard. “A lot of the things we do in a camp could be done in a home en-vironment,” Shelton said. “We make our own slides out of tarps, have water balloon ghts and provide the big super-soaker water guns. ere are a lot of things you can do that don’t cost a lot of money.” Head outdoors early in the day. Rhoad’s family likes to beat the heat by getting out early in the morning. “We garden a lot and take family walks early in the day before it is too 3 1 2 Go to the p “It is a lot c than in Co rine Fenner, a park ran National Park, which 20 miles from downto the Hopkins/Gadsden trees are like little air ting out oxygen.” According to Fenn o ers 30 miles of hik 27 miles of canoeing complete a workbook junior ranger badge w the park. “ e book includes and leaf identi cation “Parents can pick up t the visitor’s center.” 4 24 Palmetto Parent July 2012

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