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T HERE ’ S NO PLACE LIKE HOME … Stephen Saint-Onge illustrates his designs with photos of real fami-lies who are putting his concepts and designs to use every day. Curb clutter and fi nd your personal style Story by Chris Worthy Stephen Saint-Onge’s designs are regu-larly featured on television and in Better Homes and Gardens magazine. He has an artist’s eye, turning drab rooms into stun-ning havens. But Saint-Onge’s true love is designing for families — real homes with dogs, jelly-smeared counters and Lego pieces strewn across the playroom oor. Saint-Onge does that in his book “No Place Like Home,” and he said families can implement his ideas, even while dealing with the responsibilities of day-to-day life. “At the end of the day, it’s got to be liv-able,” Saint-Onge said by phone. “It was a 22 Palmetto Parent very personal experience for me because I had a chance to pull together all the design ideas from television and working in homes. I approached it as a designer, but also as a dad and husband. I understand how a family lives because I am living in that situation myself. I understand what’s workable and doable.” As a result, Saint-Onge’s book features his work in real homes. He illustrates his designs with photos of the real families who are putting his concepts and designs to use every day. Saint-Onge said the home really is a place of security — a touchstone for families who spend many harried hours each day maintaining busy schedules. “Sometimes homes get put on the back burner,” he said. “At the end of the day, our homes are the background of our lives.” Saint-Onge said families want good design that can actually be implemented. “You can have simple ideas that are bud-get friendly,” he said. “People want creative ideas and attainable solutions. People are cutting back, but I hear so many people say, ‘Oh, someday we will have that dream home.’ What about making your dream home out of what you have now? Why put it o ? Create a haven in your house. It doesn’t have to break the bank.” Collect your thoughts Saint-Onge advises families to start July 2012

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