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The Asphalt Kitchen

Richard S. James

Paddock <br /> Cooking Doesn’t Have to be Limited to Burgers and Brats. It’s Easy to Eat Well Even With a Simple Grill<br /> <br /> I f there’s anything better than racing, it’s outdoor cooking on a beautiful summer evening. That’s why we love trackside living, it’s the best of all possible worlds – a great day of racing followed by a good meal and a refreshing beverage. <br /> <br /> While burgers, dogs and steak are nice and easy to prepare on the grill, sometimes it’s good to have a little change of pace. Speed News turned to some professionals – one who is a professional chef cooking at the track, and NASA’s three principals – for some ideas.<br /> <br /> Tim Olszewski is a professional chef who cooks trackside throughout the country for Honda Hospitality.Despite all the IndyCar Series teams having their own chefs and hospitality areas, on any given day at a race, you’ll see several drivers wandering over to Honda’s hospitality area in the paddock to sample Tim’s fare. Now in his 13th year with Honda, he was executive chef at Victoria’s Secret Catalogue’s home office and worked in a couple of restaurants before that. <br /> <br /> We asked Tim for some recipes that are easy to prepare on a paddock grill. His recipes are below, followed by some more ideas from NASA’s honchos. SN<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> Southwestern Herbed Rubbed Chicken Drumsticks<br /> Serving Size : 40<br /> <br /> 3 Tbs. minced garlic<br /> 1 1⁄2 Tbs. salt<br /> 1⁄2 Csugar<br /> 1 1⁄2 tsp. cumin<br /> 3 eachbay leaf<br /> 1 1⁄2 tsp. pequin quebrado chile powder<br /> 1 eachsmall onion—sliced thin<br /> 16 eachchicken drumsticks<br /> Note: A substitute for pequin quebrado chile is red pepper flakes. <br /> <br /> Puree all ingredients together in a food processor and rub on chicken. Let drumsticks marinate in rub for at least two hours to overnight. Grill on hot grill, char slightly, turn down heat and cover. Continue to cook until well done, or about 25 to 30 minutes. Can also finish in oven.<br /> Chicken Adobo<br /> Serving Size : 8 <br /> <br /> 6 eachgarlic clove—minced<br /> 2 eachshallot—minced<br /> 1 1⁄16 tsp. cumin<br /> 1 1⁄16 tsp. oregano<br /> 1 1⁄16 tsp. thyme<br /> 1 7⁄8 Tbs. cilantro chop<br /> 1 7⁄8 Tbs. parsley chop<br /> 3⁄8 Clime juice<br /> 3 7⁄8 Tbs. olive oil<br /> 1 1⁄16 tsp. salt<br /> 1⁄2 tsp.pepper<br /> 8 eachchicken breast halves without skin—6 oz<br /> Mash together garlic, shallot and herbs to a paste. Add the remaining ingredients to make the marinade. Add the chicken. Marinate 1 hour. Grill over hot coals to mark. Finish in oven if necessary.<br /> <br /> Apricot and Sage Grilled <br /> Pork Chops Servings: 4<br /> <br /> 2 Tbs. olive oil<br /> 1 eachshallot—chopped<br /> 16 eachdried apricots—sliced<br /> 2 Tbs. brown sugar<br /> 2 Tbs. soy sauce<br /> 1 Tbs. fresh sage—minced<br /> 1⁄2 Cwhite wine<br /> 2 poundspork loin chops<br /> <br /> Combine ingredients for marinade, heat until brown sugar melts, cool . Marinate pork for at least four hours. When grilling chops, use marinade as a baste.<br /> <br /> Honey Hoisin Flank Steak-Servings: 4<br /> 1 1/4 Cshoisin sauce<br /> 3 tsp. soy sauce<br /> 2 Tbs. honey<br /> 3 tsp. ginger—minced<br /> 1 1/2 tsp. garlic—minced<br /> 2 Tbs. rice vinegar<br /> 2 1/2 poundsflank steak—trimmed of fat<br /> Combine and mix first six ingredients. Toss half of sauce with flank steak and marinate overnight. Grill steaks for approximately six to eight minutes on each side until medium rare. Slice against the grain as thin as possible to serve.<br /> <br /> Grilled Asparagus<br /> with Bleu Cheese and Walnuts<br /> Serving Size : 4 <br /> <br /> 1 poundasparagus—trimmed and washed<br /> 1 1⁄2 Tbs. olive oil<br /> 1⁄2 tsp.sea salt<br /> 1⁄4 tsp.cracked black pepper<br /> 1⁄4 Cbleu cheese crumbles<br /> 1⁄2 Cwalnuts—toasted<br /> <br /> Toss asparagus spears in olive oil, season with salt and pepper. Place on hot grill and slightly char on all side. Remove from grill and sprinkle bleu cheese and walnuts on top.<br /> <br /> Herb and Garlic Grilled Vegetable Platter Serving Size : 6 <br /> <br /> 2zucchini—thick sliced<br /> OR<br /> 2yellow squash—thick sliced<br /> 1small onion—cut into wedges<br /> 12mushroom caps or small Portabella mushroom<br /> —cut into wedges<br /> 1Japanese eggplant—thick sliced<br /> assorted chunks of bell peppers <br /> (red, green and yellow)<br /> 1 C Lawry’s Herb and Garlic Marinade with Lemon Juice<br /> <br /> In large re-sealable plastic bag, combine all ingredients and marinate in refrigerator for 30 minutes or overnight. Either thread onto skewers or place vegetables in grill basket to grill until tender. <br /> <br /> This is a great recipe to take along as a picnic side dish, to top a main dish salad or to wrap up in a tortilla as a vegetarian sandwich. Wrap fillings can be made up ahead and refrigerated. When ready to serve, allow vegetables to come to room temperature, place on buffet with tortillas and let guests serve themselves. <br /> Way Too Damned Healthy Grilled Salmon and Asparagus<br /> -John W. Lindsey, Chief Divisional Director<br /> <br /> This one can be easily modified to suit your individual tastes so feel free to tune and tongue dyno this recipe as needed.<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> The fish needs about three or four hours to marinate so you can plop it in the bag around the time the track goes hot after lunch and you’ll be good to go by dinnertime. To marinate the fish, first take the filets and sprinkle them with the garlic powder, salt and pepper. Go easy on the salt and pepper (a shake or two) but hog-wild on the garlic powder. Put the filets in the plastic bag or other receptacle along with the rosemary sprigs. Add orange juice to cover along with a couple of shots of olive oil and put it back in the cooler or fridge. <br /> <br /> As for the asparagus, this only takes a few minutes so you can prep it right before you cook it. The asparagus should get a nice dash of garlic powder and pepper before you marinate it. Once it is in the bag or other holding pen, add olive oil to coat and let it soak for a few minutes before throwing it on the grill.<br /> <br /> The best method to cook the fish so that it is done, but still very tender is to set up your grill for indirect cooking. For a gas grill, select one or two burners on the sides of the grill to turn on to medium-high heat and leave one burner set to low. For a charcoal grill, bank your coals to one side of the grill with the other side open. You will be cooking on either the low burner or the side of the charcoal grill where the coals are absent.<br /> <br /> Once the grill is ready, put the fish on flesh side down for around five minutes to char in some nice grill marks. Flip it on to the skin side once you feel it’s ready and add any leftover marinade to the top of the fish. If you can get the rosemary sprigs to stay on the top of the fish, this is a win. When the fish is five minutes or so away from your desired doneness, add the asparagus to the grill (careful—it might flare a bit) and cook for not more than five minutes or so unless you like it soggy. Move the asparagus around on the grill to make sure it does not char. Suggested temperature for getting the fish cooked properly is 145 degrees, so pack a meat thermometer to make sure you don’t get anything nasty. If you don’t have a thermometer, a good guide to doneness is when the fish is opaque and flakes easily.<br /> <br /> As for beverages, I suggest a chilled white with a little bite to it (Grgich Fume Blanc is nice) or a super cold lighter flavored beer like a Sapporo or Kirin import. In a pinch Coors Light will also do just fine.<br /> Enjoy in good health and make sure to follow up the next morning with a horribly fattening breakfast to balance out all the goodness from your evening meal.<br /> <br /> Very Good Salad<br /> – Ryan Flaherty, National Chairman<br /> <br /> 1-15oz canFrench-style green beans - drained<br /> <br /> 1-15oz can shoe peg white kernel corn - drained<br /> <br /> 1-15oz can garbanzo beans - drained<br /> <br /> 1-7oz can mushrooms, drained, pieces and stems<br /> <br /> 1-small jar pimento - drained & chopped<br /> <br /> 1 C celery - chopped<br /> <br /> 1 C green pepper - chopped<br /> <br /> 1⁄2 C white onion - sliced<br /> <br /> 1small head cauliflower - chopped<br /> <br /> Dressing<br /> 1 C sugar<br /> <br /> ¾ C red wine vinegar<br /> <br /> ½ C salad oil<br /> <br /> ¾ tsp. salt<br /> <br /> Combine all salad ingredients in a large bowl. Add all marinade ingredients to a pan and heat to warm. Pour the warm marinade over the salad ingredients and stir to combine. Refrigerate overnight.<br /> Mama Merle’s Ultimate Potato Salad – Ryan Flaherty, National Chairman<br /> <br /> 5 potatoes – boiled, cooled and chopped<br /> 6 eggs – hard boiled and chopped<br /> 1⁄3 Ccelery – chopped<br /> 1⁄4 Conions – chopped<br /> 1⁄4 Cdill pickles – chopped<br /> 1⁄3 Colives – chopped<br /> Best Foods mayonnaise<br /> salt<br /> pepper<br /> garlic salt<br /> <br /> Combine potatoes and eggs. Add celery, onions, dill pickles and olives. Stir in enough mayonnaise to make the salad creamy, then add salt, pepper and garlic salt to taste and chill until cold. <br /> <br /> <br /> Mama Merle’s Double Deviled Eggs – Ryan Flaherty, National Chairman<br /> 1 dozen eggs – boiled, cooled and peeled<br /> Best Foods mayonnaise<br /> salt<br /> pepper<br /> paprika<br /> <br /> Cut eggs into half lengthwise and separate whites from yolks. Use a potato masher to mash up yolks very fine. Add mayonnaise until creamy and salt and pepper to taste. Fill each egg white half with yolk mixture. Sprinkle paprika on top and chill until cold.<br /> Mix into a shaker:<br /> 2 ½ oz. rye whiskey<br /> 1 oz. sweet vermouth<br /> 2-3 dashes Angostura bitters<br /> Maraschino cherry(ies) for garnish<br /> Optional- add a drop of cherry juice<br /> Shake over ice and serve in a martini glass.<br />

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