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The Official Publication of the Pelican Bay Foundation, Inc. July 2012 • Volume 13, No. 12 PELICAN BAY FOUNDATION BOARD MEMBERS Ronnie Bellone Vice-Chair/Treasurer Chair 2012-2013 Realtors advise Pelican Bay to build on strengths By Strategic Planning Committee Robert Uek Secretary Noreen Murray Bill Carpenter Mary McLean Johnson Jerry Moffatt Robert Pendergrass Directors Pelican Bay is doing many things right, according to Realtors participating in a focus group meeting at the Community Center May 17. The session was hosted by the Foundation’s Strategic Planning Committee as a first step in the process of updating the Foundation’s Strategic Master Plan. Focus group sessions are often used to tap external sources for objective, con-structive and purposeful feedback that can help an organization—or in our case a community—maintain its appeal, the demand for what it has to offer, and ultimately, its market value. The Real-tors who attended the recent meeting are not residents of Pelican Bay, but they have experience selling properties in Pelican Bay as well as other communities in the area. The objective of the session was to gather information about potential buyers’ perceptions of Pelican Bay, how Pelican Bay compares with compet-ing communities, and what must be done to keep Pelican Bay vibrant and competitive. The three-hour session of open and frank conversa-tions with four Realtors and an appraiser centered on four main topics: First Im-pressions of Pelican Bay, Com-petitiveness, Community Image and Amenities. The opin-ions and recommendations received from members of the focus group are summa-rized below. The Realtors agreed that first impressions of Pelican Bay are very positive. They commented on the great coastal location—close to services, shopping, arts and entertainment, I-75 and two five-star hotels. They also mentioned beautiful land-scaping with a natural “Old Florida” feel, enhanced by wide medians, upscale cross-walks and views of the golf course. However, there are two areas where they believe Pelican Bay can do better. The first recommendation is to visually improve all the street entrances to Pelican Bay to give a feeling that it’s a defining moment and “We’ve arrived!” The second area of concern is that some associations have landscap-ing that looks tired and is not in keeping with the quality along the boulevards and common areas. In terms of competitive strength, the overall consen-sus of the group was that the beachfront is Pelican Bay’s greatest asset. They offered that the number one objec-tive of Pelican Bay should be to keep the beach facilities up-to-date and to continue Prsrt std Us Postage PaId PermIt #419 Ft myers FL to enhance the beachfront “club” features—especially the quality and consisten-cy of the restaurants’ food and service. They indicated that some potential buy-ers choose other beachfront communities because they feel that our beach is “too continued on page 3 Guest Services/Front Desk at The Commons Mon.-Fri. 8am-5pm Membership Office: Mon.-Fri. 9am-5pm Community Center Mon.-Fri. 8:30am-5pm The Pelican Bay Foundation, Inc. 6251 Pelican Bay Blvd. Naples, FL 34108

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