Electronic Lifestyles — Fall 2012
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Parting Words

From the mouths of clients. Hear from more-than-satisfied homeowners.

These clients gave a glowing recommendation of Steven Worrell and company at Smartcomm of London.

"Smartcomm was recommended to us by a close friend who had experienced their home cinema expertise first hand.We were keen to create a state of- the-art cinema room that could accommodate both a family space for our children to play computer games and watch movies in, but also a private area for us to entertain our friends in a stylish environment. They listened to our initial ideas and worked with us to create different designs and layouts for the room, based on our requirements. Their team also worked closely with the interior designer throughout the development of the space and delivered a system that has exceeded our expectations. We would have no hesitation in recommending them to family and friends.”

For Stephen Nevison of Intuitive Homes located in the Northwest of England, it’s all about bringing the job in on time and on budget. This is what his grateful homeowners said to him:

"Once the project was completed, the homeowners were so happy with the result that they said we could pass on their phone number to any future potential clients who were undecided as to which integrator to use.”

Aaron Reilly of A/V Automation in Austin, Texas, discusses how he met his client’s needs:

"The client wanted an anamorphic CinemaScope screen in the theater. But since his own projector did not have a discrete anamorphic stretch mode, I used Savant’s OSD (On Screen Display) device, which has a commercial grade video scaler in it, to handle anamorphic processing. That, in combination with the Panamorph lens, worked beautifully.”

Jay Divine of Seattle-area Cascade Integration had clients that were so happy, he earned repeat business from the same family:

"The owners were so happy with this system, they contracted us to retrofit their island Home with the same system.Now they can access both residences remotely with their iPhones or iPads, allowing them to check in on either residence from anywhere in the world.”