Mid Atlantic Brewing News — October/November 2011
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Beer For Babes Launches In NJ
Mark Haynie

In southern New Jersey, Tara Nurin, beer writer and connoisseur, has formed a new club titled Beers for Babes to help acquaint women with the world of craft beer in a “fun, non-threatening environment that gives us a space to learn and experience new elements of beer while surrounded by other supportive ladies.”

The group meets occasionally at different sites to enjoy a beer or two and discuss their experiences, likes and dislikes. Many are events hosted by a bar or brewpub with a guest speaker or style theme. There have been brewery tours, beerand- chocolate pairings, tutored tastings and beer dinners. Men are encouraged to keep up with the events, though most are “ladies only.”

There is no membership fee, though some of the events are pay-as-you-go or have a fixed price. To get on Tara’s mailing list, email tara@eyesontheworld.us or check out the Beers for Babes Facebook page. When you see an event you are able to attend, just show up!

Tara also is launching a Central Jersey chapter with their first event scheduled for Oct. 25 at Harvest Moon Brewery & Café in New Brunswick. Brewer Kyle McDonald will host a pay-as-you-go tutored tasting. “I also hope to launch a North Jersey chapter next year as I don’t think there are any similar groups in the entire state,“ stated Nurin.